How to Start a Blog for Profit

How to Start a Blog for Profit

If you want to learn how to start a blog for profit, you may have come up against several barriers. Many people try to go it alone. This can be a large reason why many people fail.How to Start Your Blog the Right WayLearning how to do things right from the start is going to […]

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How Can You Get Paid For Blogging?

How Can You Get Paid Blogging?

How can you get paid for blogging? It’s a question that people constantly ask.Personally, I think it is a lack of belief that it’s even possible to get paid. Many people mistakenly believe that you have to have a highly popular blog to make it happen.Not True.It helps, to be sure. But plenty of people […]

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Marketing Gurus HATE Me (And You Too!)

Marketing Gurus Hate Me

I’m going to prove to you that marketing gurus hate me – and they hate you as well.Have you ever bought a product that promised some kind of marketing gem? One where these gurus told you was going to make you millions of dollars?And all you have to do is cut-and-paste? Or Push a Button?It’s […]

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Are Those One Time Offers Worth It?

Are those one time offers worth it?

If you have ever bought a digital or information product online, it’s extremely likely you’ve been hit up for one time offers. These are upsells/downsells/sidesells that serve to increase the amount you spend. But are those one time offers worth it?Before I answer that, let’s first define what these extra sales are.UpsellsAn upsell is an […]

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Rejected from the Amazon Affiliate Program? Try This

Rejected from the Amazon Affiliate Program

If you’ve been rejected from the Amazon Affiliate program, don’t sweat it. This article will help you get around that.What’s Included?Make Some Changes to Your WebsiteReapplyMove onto Other Affiliate ProgramsNiche it DownMake Some Changes to Your WebsiteFirst up, is your website too commercially focused? Amazon wants its affiliates to offer value added information, not just […]

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Consider Using WordPress Post Tags

Using WordPress Post Tags

Affiliate Disclosure: Links on this page may result in a commission generated for the site owner.A colleague of mine over at Wealthy Affiliate University, has noticed that when using tags in his posts, they show up on the 1st page of Google results. So you should consider using WordPress post tags whenever you publish a […]

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Review Recap for Week of January 13, 2016

Top 5 Book Reviews

The following is a summary of five reviews that I have done. These reviews are for products that I have personally used or read myself (in the case of eBooks). Included are links to the actual review for you to read over and decide if they seem right for you. YouTube Fast CashAs you will […]

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5 Top Reasons to Make Videos Online

Make Videos Online

Wait! You’re Still Not Making Videos?Time to change that. Here are the 5 Top Reasons to make videos online. 1 PEOPLE ARE MORE LIKELY TO BUY WHEN VIEWING A VIDEO Create a convincing video about your product and brand, and suddenly you have an audience of buyers. 2 YOUTUBE IS OWNED BY GOOGLE This means […]

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