Brilliant Ideas for your Next Blog Post

Are you stuck trying to generate new ideas for your blog? Even when you find ideas, are they the right ones, i.e., ones that people will actually read? Use this guide for brilliant ideas for your next blog post (and ones to follow as well).

It's all about giving readers what they want. I have researched the following topics which represents what people are looking for:

  • Storytelling
  • Remind people why they matter
  • People like to be surprised
  • Reveal a secret or tip they probably have never seen before
  • Challenge assumptions but in a respectful way
  • Give readers a fresh point of view
  • Take them on some kind of fun journey (this can be especially effective using video)
  • Make them smile and laugh without offending them
  • Encouragement is always a great topic
  • Teaching is a good way to engage but do it in an entertaining fashion
  • Remind them that they don't have all the time in the world, i.e., life is short, etc.
  • Controversial information is always engaging but can backfire on you if not careful
  • Get them to discover that dreams can come true
  • David Beats Goliath is always effective
  • Faith and beliefs
  • Show them how to get back to the basics
  • Showing people ways to take action is always a hit - also never giving up is big too.
  • Take a Stand about something important - you could get challenged on this, but that's okay.
The above topics should give you plenty to work with for creating lots of brilliant blog posts. The best part is they tend to be evergreen so that you can use them again (just change the wording a bit). You could stop here and get started with your content generation. Or, you can continue where I describe each of these ideas in more detail (click on each arrow below to get details).


Remind People Why They Matter

Give Them a Surprise

Reveal a Never-Before-Seen Secret or Tip

Challenge Assumptions but in a Respectful Way

Give Readers a Fresh Point of View

Get Them to "Go On a Journey" with you

Make them Smile and/or Laugh

Encouragement Makes for a Great Topic

Teach Your Audience Something and Do it in an Entertaining Way

Remind Your Audience that Life is Short

Controversy is a Great Way to Get People to Engage

Who Doesn't Want their Dreams to come True?

David Triumphs over Goliath

Faiths and Beliefs

Get Them Back to the Basics

Motivate Your Audience to Take Action or Never Give Up (or Both)

Take a Stand

Do you have an idea that you like to use as part of your content generation? Share it with us in the comment section below. We'd love to hear it! Also, please feel free to share this post using the social buttons below. Your followers could use the information for their benefit.

Other Great Content from Get Paid Boot Camp

Like for Like: Does it Work?

If you've been on Facebook for any length of time (and who hasn't been right?) you have probably seen some groups called Like for Like, Like Ladder, or Promote, Share, Like, etc. These groups allow you to post your Facebook pages, blogs, web pages, social media, etc., to the group in hopes that people will like your page. But do like for like groups work?

My curiosity got the best of me, plus I like to report about stuff like this to make sure my readers are informed. Because of this sometimes I have to jump down a few rabbit holes. Although I've been doing this kind of thing for a while now so I have a good intuition on which rabbit holes to avoid. So I joined a few of these types of groups and my findings are what this article is about.

My Results from My Jumps

The results were dismal. People are selfish when it comes to sharing back. And trust me I wasn't selfish. I shared, liked, promoted other peoples' stuff until my fingers almost fell off!

Within these groups, there were several occasions when people have posted something that is known as Like Ladders. The way this works is you will see a series of posts on the group that link out to other peoples' Facebook pages. These pages form a kind of Ladder, hence the name. You scroll down to the last entry and add your Facebook page. Then you are encouraged to like the pages of everyone before your post.

In several instances, I participated and liked about 30 pages in one session. I also saw from my email notification that several others were posting below me, easily 10 to 15 pages at a time. And this was a common occurrence per session. So it should follow that for each session, I should get about 10 or 15 likes on my Facebook page right?

Actual Results

If I was lucky I would get one or two likes. Most of the time however, I would get zero.

I spoke to other members of the groups and they complained of similar results to mine.

So there you have it folks. If you are thinking of participating in these types of groups, my results should dissuade you.

Will Facebook View It as Gaming the System?

Another problem I have with this, it's quite possible that Facebook will eventually discover these types of groups and ban them. I no longer participate in them but I have to decide whether I want to unsubscribe to them (I am only in two or three so it won't take long). I like to see some of the pages that are being included as this helps in brainstorming for content creation. There are however, other ways to brainstorm that will not associate myself with these groups. It's likely that I will unsubscribe.

Like for Like is Artificial

When I did my little experiment with the groups, I admit that I didn't really read through the pages that I liked. In fact, when you post a link to another page in Facebook, it shows a picture of the page and a like button right within the post.​

Oddly enough, by placing this button directly on the post, Facebook is actually encouraging situations of Like Ladders to occur whether they know it or not. If you are able to like the page directly from a post without visiting the page, people will blindly like pages.

Are You Engaged?

No, I am not asking about your personal life regarding plans to get married in the future. The question is about engaging in the pages that you liked. If the answer is no, then even if these like for like groups were legit, the likes are going to be worthless under Facebook's EdgeRank system. In fact, idle likes may even hurt you from showing up in the search results. And if you aren't engaging in these pages, you can bet that the people that like your page aren't either.

Like Ladder Group No Longer Active

In doing research for this article, I searched for the term "Like Ladder" in Facebook's search box. The first group that comes up is appropriately enough, called LikeLadder. You can see it here:

Then I went to look at the rules of the group. You can find that when you scroll down a bit and on the left in the Apps section, it displays a link, "Ladder Rules". When you click on it, the following message shows:

Like Ladder's Campaign is No Longer Active

Hmmm. That's interesting. Is Facebook already cracking down on these kinds of groups? Although, if they were banned the group probably wouldn't no longer exist. Perhaps this particular group only runs campaigns like these once in a while. I don't believe they work so for me, no harm no foul.

What Do You Think?

I would love to hear what your opinion about Like for Like groups or Link Ladders. Have you had any experience with them yourself? Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on the subject. I will respond to any valid comments.

On this website ( I offer tips, reviews, advice, etc., on programs that help you get paid. Many of the programs require you to market your pages (whether it be Facebook pages, blog posts, etc.)

I continually research such things as Like for Like along with many other schemes and pass along my experience. If you want to be notified whenever I post something new to this website, simply leave your email which you can find on your right.

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7 Ways to Earn Quick Cash

You may be strapped for cash and find it impossible to take on another part time job. Here are 8 ways to earn quick cash.


We all have stuff lying around the basement or attic that we simply don't use or need anymore. eBay is a great means of getting rid of those items and getting some money for them too.

What's great about eBay is you can easily find which items sell be searching its Completed Listings section (you'll need to be logged in to do this). You search on the item in question and then check off Completed Listing option on the left hand side of the eBay screen.

In order to get the most out of your listing, make sure you specify the condition of the items your are selling and take several pictures of each item at various angles. Be clear on what your shipping policies are and also be available to answer questions that potential buyers may have.

You want to make sure that you level of customer service is top notch. Even though you may only be selling a few items, you never know when you may want to sell again in the future. Having a good seller's rating helps in a big way when it comes to sales.

​ is a place where people buy and sell services for five dollars. This may seem like a small amount of money to offer your services from but if you set up your gigs in the correct way you could easily earn more.

The key is to offer upsells or what Fiverr calls premium services. For instance, suppose you offer video creation services and you have a gig that offers a 30 second video. You can add additional time to the video for $5 for each additional 30 seconds, etc.  Or you could add voiceover services, etc.

You will need to have 10 successful gigs before you are allowed to include premium offers to your gigs so those first 10 gigs you won't be able to take advantage of them.

As with anything else, you want to make sure you deliver great customer service as your reputation can mean the difference of getting gigs or getting ignored. You want to keep your reviews as high as possible so do everything in your power to make your customers happy.

Bidding Sites like eLance and

There are plenty of jobs available at these types of websites but the biggest problem is standing out from the rest of bidders when trying to get the gigs. Nevertheless, if you have a decent portfolio already built up you can have that displayed in your profile. This will serve to increase the visibility of your profile and get more gigs.

Sometimes, it may be worth it when first starting out to simply come in at lower bids and build up your reputation. As your reputation gains, so to will your ability to increase your rates.

It is possible to sell just about anything on Craigslist. Of course, there are much more possibilities for scammers to hit using a site like Craigslist. Your listing is bound to get some great visibility so you will likely get responses when posting on here.

Again, it pays to be cautious because Craigslist is still like the wild, wild west of selling stuff. With sites like eBay, Amazon, and eLance, the management tries to ensure a smooth transaction (as long as payment is made via PayPal on eBay, there are protections for purchasers). But Craigslist has no such controls in place. The buyers and sellers are matched up directly.

If you decide to go with selling your wares on Craigslist, it is always a good idea to include pictures of the merchandise whenever possible. Even services should include some kind of graphic as to stand out from the many of listings that don't include graphics.

If you find that the buyer and seller need to meet up to make the exchange happen try to arrange for the meet up to occur in a busy area where people will be (like coffeeshops, etc.) Beware of any meet ups that will be in remote locations.

​Selling on is for those that are good with crafts and homemade types of items. Etsy allows its users to set up stores and that's why it's important to have a tightly focused theme for your store. If you are selling handmade, knitted clothing items, you should avoid trying to sell paintings unless you set up another store dedicated to paintings.

The key to success with Etsy is to have a fair amount of inventory built up before you even open your store. This will prevent you from having to fulfill orders in panic mode. It also gives you flexibility in certain instances, of offering bundles (where applicable).

As with many of the quick cash ideas of this article, displaying your item with several pictures can really help you stand out as people want to remove doubt in their purchase decisions. Excellent customer service is a must!

Sell on Amazon

People are often surprised at the amount of different ways they can use Amazon to sell their stuff. I've written a complete article on this that profiles all the ways currently available. Instead of reiterating that here, I will simply give you the opportunity to read that article (opens in new window).

Sell from your Own Website

Having your own website, whether free or paid, is generally a good idea. Even if you are using the other ideas to generate quick cash, it can't hurt to build up a web presence in order to increase traffic to your offers.

Although it's beyond the scope of this article, you could also create an ecommerce website if you happen to have products that you want to sell and are comfortable with such items as payment processors, fulfillment of orders, shipping, returns, etc.

Many people often start with Amazon (see above) and then as they grow, they branch out into developing their own website. In the end having your own website gives you full control but you will have to manage everything.


It's not necessary to focus on one of the way to make quick cash online. In fact, there are plenty of people who are creating arbitrage opportunities and banking some good money in doing so.

Arbitrage is the purchase or sale of an asset and the simultaneous purchase or sale of that asset. If the first transaction is a purchase, the the simultaneous will be a sale and vice versa. The concept is very popular on Wall Street and serves to keep market prices at equilibrium. If a price on one market is out of whack, the arbitrageurs will step in to bring them back in line.

Luckily with respect to making money online, arbitrage is a much simpler concept than the one used on Wall Street although the dynamics are identical.​ Let me illustrate with some examples:

  • Find products on Amazon and list them for a higher price on eBay. It's best to choose products that have a price of $35 or more as this usually qualifies them for free shipping. Two great aspects of this strategy is you only buy from Amazon if the product sells on eBay and you can have Amazon ship directly to the winner of the eBay auction (or fixed price).
  • People are always listing jobs they want done on Craigslist. Simply find a job and contact the person who listed the job and quote them a price. If they accept, find someone on Fiverr or eLance that will do it for less than is quoted on Craigslist.

These are just two methods that people use arbitrage to make money online. I am sure you could try it with some of the other items from this page. As long as you can sell for more than you buy you have an opportunity to take advantage of arbitrage.

Next Steps...

Step 1 - Take Action

​The methods outlined in this article on how to make quick cash can all be started fast and in most cases, without shelling out a whole bunch of cash. But none of it will work unless you take action. Get started on one or several of the methods and just make it happen. Who knows, you may turn a quick cash situation into one that you make a full time business. It happens more than you think.

Step 2 - Share this Article

​If you liked what you saw here, could I ask you to share it with people in your network? I am sure they would get something out of this and you show you care about them by passing along good information. I very much appreciate it!

Step 3 - Leave a Comment Below

​I would love to hear what you thought about this article and if you have any of your own ideas, feel free to use the comments section below to tell me about them.

Step 4 - Sign up to My Newsletter

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Do you Have a Loss Leader Strategy?

Question: Would you spend $10 to make $100?

Seems like a rather silly question, doesn't it? But let me ask it another way:

Would you lose $10 in order to gain $100?

Once I introduce the word "lose" it takes on a whole new meaning. And that is exactly why people have a problem with a concept known as loss leaders. But if you want to make money, sometimes having an effective loss leader strategy can be exactly what's needed to earn money.

Loss Leader Defined

The concept originated with retail sales and it is essentially a product (or service) that is offered at below market value (or even free) that helps to stimulate sales of other higher end products.

The loss leader's role has expanded to include online marketing channels as well. You have likely experienced squeeze pages where you are being offered something, a report for instance, in exchange for certain information, like your name and email.

How this Ties into Online Marketing

I've already described how offering a free report can entice visitors to your website to sign up to your email list or newsletter. But is this effective anymore? The answer is yes, it can be but you need to follow some guidelines:

  • Keep the report that you offer short and to the point
  • Offer incredibly valuable information
  • Be sure to include some calls to action within the report
  • Graphics and images go a long way in helping to keep the attention of viewers
  • Try to find ways for the report to engage interactively with those who you send it to

Keep the Report Short and to the Point

If you try to give out a report that is the size of War and Peace, I can almost guarantee that you will not get anyone to read it. People are busy and while they want valuable information they want it to be concise.

The best lesson I learned in this regard was to focus on only one area instead of trying to cover every aspect of the topic of the report. Make it something that the reader of the report can take action on let that be the only thing included. This let's the user see that the information can help them in some way without being too drawn out.

Offer Incredibly Valuable Information

One big mistake that I see people make over and over again is to grab any old report that they find on say, Private Label Rights(PLR) websites, and pass these off as the report that they give to their subscribers. The trouble is most PLR is low quality or lacks useful information.

I am not here to bash PLR in its entirety nor am I suggesting that it has no use in the process of including it as a loss leader. What I am suggesting is that if you decide to go that route, make sure you read the PLR report and enhance it significantly such that it becomes valuable. It could even be worth rewriting the entire report with your own spin. This way no one can accuse you sending out the same stale report that thousands of others are doing.

Be Sure to Include Some Calls to Action in the Report

While it is great to capture emails in exchange for your report, you are missing out if you don't include some kind of call to action within the report that you send. The best way to do this is to tie the solution that you are offering as part of the offer itself.

As an example, if you are offering a tip on how to quit smoking, see if you can find some affiliate program that offers something that can help to that end. Try to ensure that the product claims are legit before doing this however. Other calls to action could be for products related to whatever the solution you are targeting. For the quit smoking niche, perhaps you could include offers for electronic cigarettes, etc.

One caveat in all of this is to not go overboard with too many offers in the report. This will backfire as it can be quite annoying to your subscribers and shows them that the only thing you care about is selling something. Offer great information in the report and having a couple of promotional items (as long as they are related in some way) will be fine.

Include Graphics and Images

Anytime people read anything, they often translate words into images. By including images within your report, you make it much easier to capture the message you are trying to get across. They have less translating that they will need to make.

You should make sure that you have rights to use whatever graphics or images you include!

Interactive Engagement

If you can, see if you include some elements of interactivity within the report that you send. This can include things like contents, polls, or surveys, or perhaps you can include some kind of fun quiz. By doing this you establish a higher level of trust with your subscribers.

Another way to accomplish this is to ask the people on your list to tell their story as it relates to your market or niche. Tell them that if the story is compelling enough that you will include it (with their permission) in your next blog post or as part of an email send, etc. You can also offer to include a back link to the person's website if they have one.

How Can a Free Report Be Considered a Loss?

One big misconception is that just because a report is free that it didn't cost anything to make. Now, if you simply grab a junkie PLR report and use that as your free gift, I would agree didn't cost any upfront money, but it will cost you losses with respect to your reputation.

To make it worthwhile for your subscribers you will have to spend a fair amount of time developing this valuable report.

Even if you have the luxury of working full time on your own online business from home, you still have the same 24 hours as anyone else. When you spend time working on one thing, this takes you away from spending it on something else. So the free report that you are working on could be taking you away from developing a blog post, a magazine article, a chapter in a book, etc., all things that have the potential to earn you money in the future.

It is a very real cost to create a report that is going to be useful to your subscribers!

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How to Build an Email List Fast – Review of Free List Hack

Product: Free List Hack

Creators: Taylor Rizer, Tina Kane


Price: Varies (Dime Sale)

Rating: 4.4 Stars (Very Good)


Overall, this is a very good product that has potential to increase you mailing list using totally free traffic.​

Claims Made​ From Sales Page

  • Buyers Easily Added to Your List
  • Free Traffic
  • Implement in 20 Minutes

Buyers Easily Added to Your List

I believe that if you follow the steps in the case study and implement it, you will have the means to easily get buyers onto your list. The product creators also differentiate why this is important (as compared to getting freebie seekers on your list).

Get Updates About My Progress in Implementing This System!

I am currently implementing the system as it was shown to me. If you want to learn how it worked out for me, simply leave your email and I
will update you with my case study results!

Free Traffic

Getting traffic for free has always been a challenge for any that has a website. But the method that the author shows in this case study has a pretty good chance of working.

Not only that, but the types of people that you will get to sign up on your list will be ones more likely to buy. You will be shown one tweak to make in your squeeze page that will catapult these types of buyers onto your list.

At the time of this writing I am currently in the process of going through the steps of the training and applying the techniques. So I have not yet seen results from this tweak. However, it made perfect sense when the product creators spelled it out for me and I really don't see any reason why it won't work!​

Implement in 20 Minutes

I touch upon this a bit below. Whether or not that actually happens is dependent upon your skills with respect to websites. If you are proficient at making changes or additions to web pages then this could be feasible.

Even if you aren't skilled at making up pages on a website, it is something you could easily get someone else to do for a little amount of money. Doing this, it will take you even less time than the 20 minutes as someone else will be doing all the work.

Features taken directly from the sales page:

As you can see from the graphic on the left, these features are what the authors believe you will get from the training.

Everything is true as specified although two of the items need some clarification:

Setting up in 20 minutes will probably only happen if you are fairly experienced with squeeze pages, etc. It is likely to take you longer if not. It shouldn't take more than an hour or two, however.

The other is the reference to the EXACT high-converting "squeeze page" which I did not find (other than referenced in the PDF document). So it's unclear how this could be copied and pasted.


There are some upsells, a.k.a., one time offers. The first is for a video of the entire process. It wasn't overly expensive at the time so if you feel like you want the additional video, feel free to go for it.

The next upsell was for coaching. Anytime I have picked up the coaching session on products like these, I have been disappointed and have asked for my money back. I can't say whether this one is any good or not because I simply don't buy coaching programs from unknown people any more.

One gripe I often have about these is that the initial system that you bought in the first place was supposed to have everything you need to be successful. Why do you need this coaching?

The last upsell was intriguing and I decided to evaluate it as well (future post). It's called the Six Figure Formula. It is training on how to find the right niche, create products to sell to that niche, how to automate the process and getting unlimited traffic for free.

If you want to find out when I have completed my review of this as well as read my review, be sure to use the form above!

Bottom Line

I believe this system has all the necessary components needed to actually make you money. It does take some work but it's work that I feel will likely be rewarded. Also, as I mentioned above, I plan on implementing the system myself and then reporting back on my progress with implementing the techniques taught in the training.

The product is reasonably priced (as of this writing) and you will likely find it to be beneficial to your money making efforts if you too decide to implement what is taught!

How to Speed Up a Website Dramatically

Do you think the speed of your website is important? If you do, this article on how to speed up a website dramatically was written for you.

Disclosure: Purchasing via the links or banners included in this article may result in a commission generated to the website owner.

Prerequisites: this article is specific to websites that have WordPress installed!

If on the other hand you don't feel that having your website load fast, you probably won't get much out of this. But if this is the case, let me ask you this:

What was the longest amount of time you waited for a website to load?

Click to Tweet

If you made it past that last sentence, then you were either already convinced that the speed of your website is important or I managed to convince you. Good Job! It is important.

I had actually ignored speed for the longest time. But today that all changed when I came across a training session (free) that showed the exact steps to take to speed up my website significantly.

Bottom Line: It Truly Worked!

If you'd like to get started immediately without me telling you about the training, then by all means feel free to bypass this article. Otherwise, here is a summary of the training and how it made the difference that it made.

The trainer, whose name is Marcus, gives an overview why it's important to speed up your website - but I've already convinced you of that right? :)

Then he shows you a great utility that you can use to test your website. The website asks for the URL of your website and then runs a series of tests that takes about 30 seconds or more to run.

If you have never done any optimization for your website speed before you are likely to score badly from the tests. That's not a problem however because Marcus will continue with how to fix this to make your website much faster.

Marcus then proceeds describe how to install and run the P3 Profiler plugin to test which of your installed plugins may be causing bottlenecks. He goes onto explain that you should really evaluate which plugins you need and which ones you can deactivate and even delete.

After you have cleaned up your plugins and run the P3 profiler scan again to check for improvements, it's probably a good idea to run the utility that tests the speed of your website once again. You can check to see if there has been any significant difference from that.

For me, that particular step did help a little. But this was not as dramatic as the results from the rest of the training.

The training will then explain various plugins that you can install and activate on your website that will give you the gains in optimization or speed that you are looking for. But it's not just the installation that is important. Marcus goes over the correct settings for each of the plugins to ensure that they are working the way they were intended.

My suggestion is to retest your website after installing and setting each of the plugins. This way, you can see which plugins had the most improvement in speed. I believe all of them helped. The results you get may be different than my results due to the theme you have installed as well as the differences in plugins used.

Overall, I highly recommend going through the training and doing all of the tasks that are given. I truly believe you will see tremendous improvements in the speed of your website. That could be all the difference in the world in converting your website visitors to customers!


Speed up your website now!

For the amount of time that is left on the countdown timer below, you can get access to this training completely FREE! You will not be asked for a credit card in order to take advantage of the training. But hurry! Once that timer runs out, the training may be gone forever!


How to Make a Passive Income

There are two ways to earn money, trade hours for dollars or learn how to make a passive income. Of the two, passive income money makers are tougher to accomplish. But once achieved, the rewards can last for long periods of time thereafter.

Trading Time (Hours) for Dollars

Most of us are all to familiar with this method of generating income. It typically entails finding a job where your work a bunch of hours for a negotiated amount of pay per hour. Most complain that it is always too many hours and never enough money.

But there are newer ways to exchange hours for income using the internet. You could post on job boards and forums that you are willing to perform certain online tasks (like graphic design or website creation, etc.) You either specify your rate up front or you allow whoever contacts you to tell you how much they are willing to pay for your service.

There are also websites dedicated to help people looking for these types of jobs as well as people willing to perform them. The following are some of the bigger sites:


There are several others and more seem to be popping up all the time. Each of these sites have differences in how they operate but the general idea is that they match people looking for jobs to be done with workers/freelancers willing to carry out the jobs.

These types of websites can be a great way to earn money without having to be a slave to a corporate job. But they are not without their own pitfalls. Some of the pitfalls people often complain with this type of working arrangement are:

  • The rates are too low for the workers
  • The work is too much
  • The client asking for work is too demand for the low rates offered
  • The clients complain that the work was not done the way they wanted
  • The rate that the websites take from the freelancer are usually very steep

And so on...

Consider Passive Income Instead

Passive income is a great way to earn money. Imagine that even as you sleep or on your leisure time you can be earning income. It just doesn't get better than that.

Some examples of ways to earn money passively are:

  • Buy Stocks that Pay Dividends
  • Membership Websites
  • Book Publishing on Amazon and Other Distributions
  • Magazine Publishing on iTunes, Amazon, Google
  • Affiliate Sales that Offer Recurring Income Programs

I am sure I can come up with several others but these are some of the major ways people earn money on a consistent basis, i.e., passively.

You probably figured out that earning money in this capacity is a bit more difficult to accomplish than the trading hours for dollars way. There is truth to that. But it is not impossible. You simply have to choose a method, learn how to implement it and continue until you start earning money.

How to Make a Passive Income

I have been successful with each of the different passive income mechanisms listed above. I have written several books, I am the editor of a magazine on iTunes, I have dividend stocks that pay me either monthly or quarterly, have several membership sites, and make a consistent income from a recurring affiliate program.

Of all the mechanisms, I think the easiest to start is an affiliate program that supports recurring income. All the others are lucrative but require a much bigger learning curve to start earning on a consistent basis.

There is a learning curve associated with the affiliate business too, but it is significantly smaller than the others. This is why I would suggest starting with this method of earning passive income.

What Exactly is an Affiliate Business?

Before I get into what an affiliate business is, let me take you through the traditional method of starting a business. Let's say you wanted to open up a retail store. You would need:

  • To buy or rent the store (land and building)
  • Buy the necessary fixtures and other supporting equipment and supplies
  • Find suppliers of the items you want to sell and negotiate pricing and terms
  • Hire workers if needed
  • Advertise to bring customers in
  • Implement customer service to deal with unhappy customers, returns, etc.
  • Run sales to bring in more customers
  • Pay Sales Taxes and Other Government Fees

I'm sure I could come up with other items to add to this list but this is good for reference.

With an affiliate business, you don't have to deal with any of those items. You essentially can participate in the sales of products and/or services without all of the overhead. The companies that you affiliate with is responsible for those tasks/items.

As an example, suppose you wanted to sell items that Walmart is selling. You would enter into an arrangement with Walmart and they would give you links or banners encoded with your affiliate link.

Then you would set up a page (or pages) on your website that contained those affiliate links. When visitors to your website clicked on those links and purchased something from Walmart, Walmart credits you with the sale and gives you an previously agreed upon percentage of the sale.

Obviously, this is an oversimplification of the process. If it truly were this easy, everyone would be doing it and making millions of dollars. I will give you links on how to set this all up the correct way below.

As you can see, by not having to deal with the order processing, fulfillment, distribution, customer handling, etc., you can see how the affiliate model is much easier than the traditional brick-and-mortar. Yet, you still get to participate in the selling of products which is really cool!

How Exactly is this Passive Income?

The Walmart example from above is not a passive income structure. You would have to continually drive visitors (both new and previous) to your website. Even if people have bought from you the first time doesn't mean they will do so again.

I used the Walmart example as a way to describe the affiliate marketing process. It would be necessary to find companies that support recurring incomes.

The type of program you choose is going to be largely dependent on the type of market you are targeting. For example, if your hobby is playing piano and you have a website dedicated to teaching others to play, you would want to find affiliate programs that charge customers for monthly memberships. Those do exist on the likes of, etc.

Niche Selection 101

In order to determine what kind of affiliate products or services to promote, you will need to define what niche you are going to target. You can think of a niche as a more narrowly defined scope within a particular market.

It's usually a good idea to get more narrow in your focus as the highest level within a particular market tends to be too competitive to effectively market to it. For instance, it would be extremely difficult to get any kind of traction from a market such as fishing. But if you were to refine your focus to fishing boats or lures for bass fishing, you would have a much better chance of breaking through that sub market or niche.

It's way beyond the scope of this article to get into the finer details of niche selection. I will include (below) a link to a free resource that shows you exactly how to do this as well as how to set up your affiliate website in a way that you can start earning income from it.

Tying it All Back to Passive Income

You choose your niche and you are all set to go. Now what? If your goal is to earn passive income than you will want to ensure that your niche has affiliate programs that support recurring income programs. That is the key to making this method passive.

If you don't find any programs that support recurring commissions and you still want to pursue the niche you chose, you always have the option of starting your own recurring income program. This is quite a bit more involved but is not impossible. However, the focus of this article is to get you started easily. That's why focusing on niches that already have affiliate programs is important.

The first place to look for recurring income programs is a website called This website allows anyone who has a digital information product to sell using their platform. The biggest draw for this website is that any member can sell any other product as an affiliate.

To get started, you'll need to sign up for a free account on ClickBank:

Click Here to Create Your Free ClickBank Account

Once you have that created, sign in and look for the market place link:

Note: you may need to confirm your account by clicking on the link that they send you to the email that you used to sign up.

In the search box, search on the niche that you selected:

Alternatively, you could scroll down and choose categories on the left hand side of the screen:

As an example, let's suppose our niche is in the Green Products category. Select that category:

To find the recurring income products, change the Sort button from Popularity to Avg Rebill Total:

This will present you with all of the vendors whose products support recurring billing. You can also look at some of the other statistics which gives you a rough estimate of how well the product sells.

Getting into an advanced coverage of the inner workings of ClickBank are beyond the scope of this article. The resource that I will direct you to below will give you greater understanding of how to choose an affiliate program!

Next Steps...

This article was intended to help you see the power contained within recurring income programs and how they can help you develop a passive income by using them. The next steps to take are to learn about the various components needed to make them work to generate that income. These include:

  • Refining and Verifying Niche Selection
  • In Depth Coverage of Affiliate Selection
  • Website Selection
  • Installing WordPress on your Website
  • Tweaking WordPress for Maximum Optimization
  • Creating Valuable Content to Generate Traffic
  • What to Do When You Get Stuck

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Get Paid to Post Ads

Are you aware that you can get paid to posts ads?

Is it a good idea?

There are several ways that you can use your blog to get paid by posting ads. Some are better than others. But with the concept itself, you should weigh the consequences of doing so.

Here are some of the major ways to earn from ads on your website​:

  • Google Adsense Ads
  • Sponsored Blog Post
  • Custom Media Sells
  • Banner Ads

Google Adsense Ads

If you have a blog or website, you can apply for Google's advertising program called Adsense. If you get accepted (it's not too difficult), you can create custom ad sizes that can be incorporated into your blog.

The ad earns simply by someone clicking on it. The amount that you earn depends on the bid amount from the advertiser. The more popular the search term bid the higher the price for that bid will be. There have been instances where a click can earn several dollars on up.

Google shares the revenue with the Adsense client (you) and gives the client a higher percentage.

The following are some negatives to the program:​

  • Web viewers increasingly ignore ads, a concept called Ad Blindness
  • The traffic is diverted away from your website to the site of the targeted ad
  • Having too many ads loaded on a page can be a real turn off for visitors

Sponsored Blog Posts

There are networks that exist that match up people that want posts containing back links to people that want to get paid to display them on their blogs. The sponsors will indicate to the bloggers how much they are willing to spend for the post as well as any requirements, such as length of post, disclosure placements, etc. If the blogger accepts, he will need to meet the requirements in order to get paid.

This can be a way to generate some nice cash quickly. But there are some considerations with this type of advertising too:​

  • The content of the sponsored post may not be related to the topic of the blog
  • Having too many of these types of blog posts can be viewed negatively by both viewers and search engines (penalties can be incurred)
  • Overly sponsoring posts can bring down the perceived value of the blog itself and the authority of the blogger

Custom Media Buys/Sells

Advertisers often reach out to bloggers to have an ad displayed on their blogs. You may have noticed a message "Place Your Ad Here" in a small box (usually on the upper right of blogs). The fee for the privilege to advertise is negotiated and terms can be monthly or one time payouts.

There are networks that act as intermediaries between the buyers and the sellers but it's not unheard of for bloggers and advertisers to come up with their own arrangements outside of these networks.

Some of the downsides to this type of advertising:​

  • Your blog has to get a lot of traffic, otherwise you won't get many sponsors
  • Unless you deal with a network, you will need to handle billing the clients and collecting
  • You will want to make sure you have strict oversight as to the types of ads displayed

Banner Ads

You may be thinking that this is the same as the Media Buys/Sells but it really isn't. In this type of advertising, the blogger is the one that places the banners on his/her website. The way that this person gets paid is usually by the visitor purchasing something after clicking on the banner ad. The most popular method to accomplish this is using affiliate marketing.

This technique also has its share of pitfalls:​

  • Ad Blindness is at play here as well
  • Payment usually only occurs if the visitors buy products after the click
  • Often, if a purchase is made and later the product is returned, the commissions need to be paid back
  • Plastering your website with a bunch of banners is going to diminish the perceived value of the viewer (and possibly search engine rankings)

Should You Ever Advertise?

By the tone of this article, you are probably thinking that I am down on advertising. While there is some truth to this, I do believe advertising has its place as long as its incorporated strategically. In most cases, advertising should not be the focus of a blogs strategy. It should compliment the strategy and be seen as a way of helping the readers get products or services they find useful as a result of the incredible value that they derive from your content.

Giving valuable information to your readers will go a long way in establishing trust and giving you and your blog authority. In fact, when I start a new blog, I don't do any advertising at all until my blog starts to gain in rankings and traffic. Nothing is lost by doing this because blogs don't typically get too much traffic in the beginning anyways. It also removes any doubt from search engines that your blog is not overly promotional. I can't be when nothing is being promoted.

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An Interesting Twist...

The reason this program is so innovative is that Jeremy actually pays you to complete the steps. Each time you complete a task, you get one dollar. You may think that a dollar isn't much but name another program that does this! There are more than one steps involved too!

Each Task Must Be Completed to Advance to the Next Level

Another great aspect of the program is that you need to complete each task before you are allowed to advance to the next level.

A fun aspect of the system is that the levels that you progress through are belts like you would find in a martial arts program (white, blue, black, etc.)​

What's the Catch?

I can imagine what you are thinking by now, there's got to be a catch, right? Seriously, who is going to pay you to complete steps that when finished you have created your own website which is going set up to earn you money (and not Jeremy)?

There is no catch. As Jeremy points out in the training, he gets paid from the companies that are part of the program. You will need to host your website which is done via BlueHost. If you were to create your own website apart from the ShoeMoney system you would need to do that anyway.

You will also need to sign up for an email autoresponder system, which offers a free 30 day trial and does not require you to use your credit card to sign up. This too you would need to do had you created a website on your own. Although, if you are new to this type of business, you probably wouldn't have known that you needed something like this.​

Advertising using Facebook is another component to the the system although this is not required but is recommended.

These companies are responsible for paying Jeremy so that you don't have to. In fact, throughout the entire system there is never a time that Jeremy asks you for any money!​

The Bottom Line

If nothing else, by the time you accomplish your black belt, you will be at least $14 richer (see image below) and will have a working website ready to make you some money. Your website will be capable of capturing leads (emails) where you can continue to earn from the people that subscribe to your list.


You will also have the knowledge that takes most others months to acquire and usually they don't learn the proper ways to set up an online business. They typically do it incorrectly and spend lots of money on useless programs.

If you work diligently you can get to your black belt level in about 8 hours as the videos are usually about 10 minutes long and the tasks take about 15 minutes or more to complete.

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