Should You Use Slideshare?

by Jim on July 9, 2014 is a great platform for getting more traffic to your website. The key is to be active, gather followers, and create quality slideshows. The above is a great example of a slideshow that was crafted well.

Let’s discuss what components were included on this particular slideshow that is appropriately about using Slideshare. If you haven't taken a look at it at this point, now may be a good time.  Just go through all of the slides.  Here are some of the reasons why this is a good presentation:

  • Great use of graphics
  • Great use of color
  • Include pictures of people
  • Each slide is short and concise
  • Great font usage
  • Long enough but not overly drawn out
  • Integration of transparent graphics with text
  • Possible to learn something new from this presentation

Slideshare Gets a Lot of Traffic

I have several slideshows currently up on  Each on its own doesn't get that much traffic or views.  And some get more views than others on average.  But imagine if I had hundreds of these slideshows.  How many views would I have then?  How about thousands?  You get the picture.

Your Formula for Success with Slideshare

​I think if you simply use the bullet points above as a guide, you can easily implement your own great slideshows.  Use the presentation itself as a guide and just implement many of the points.  Do this often and get many slideshows up to the site.

Content Ideas

You don't know how many times I have perused Slideshare just for ideas on what to write about for my blog.  It's a wonderful brainstorming tool as far as I am concerned.​

Build a Following

Just like any other social site, Slideshare allows you to build a following.  And like others, users will typically follow you back.  It's like anything else...the more engaged you are in the platform, the more you are going to get out of it.  And don't even think about going there to solely promote your products.  Sure, a small amount of promotion can go a long way. 

But make sure the value ratio is high.  In other words, you will get much more love from the community if you offer great content with no commercial intent far more often than you put up offers.​  Just think about what you would like to see if you were visiting the site and take it from there.

Supports Multiple Formats

PowerPoint presentations aren't the only format that Slideshare supports.  So if you have a free report that is in PDF format, or you want to add an infographic, that is very much supported.  So you could create PDF documents that you could make available as a free download and encourage Slideshare users to share it.  This is certainly one means of possibly going viral.  It certainly can't hurt!​

As you can see within the slideshow above, Slideshare also allows you to share videos.  So now you have yet another avenue to upload cute videos of your cat.  Seriously though, that's probably not the most optimal use of the platform :)​

Social Sharing is Built In

You won't have to worry about adding social sharing components in your slideshows because it's already built in.  That means when you publish, anyone that views your slideshow has the potential to share that via their social channels.  That is just way too great to not take advantage.​

Pro Features Currently Not Available​

In the slideshow, it describes about going pro which gives you some added benefits of​ smart analytics and lead generation.  Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, Slideshare is not accepting any more pro members, stating that they are going through enhancements of those features.  But if you check back at a later time, they may make it available again.

Uploaded content to slideshare is probably not going to make your traffic explode, although it technically is possible.  But it is going to give you some decent exposure.  It's yet another platform to build You, Inc. or your company.  It is liked by search engines (so optimize those descriptions, people) and it has a lot of active members.  Make sure you are one of them!​


I am a fan of HubPages.  Once I stopped trying to use them exclusively for promotion, life got better for me with respect to not getting my pages removed.  And that's as it should be.  But if you are going to use them then you should learn how to do it right.  And that is why I chose to review this particular HubPage.  It shows what mistakes people often make and how to avoid them.

I am not going to reiterate what was written in the article (or Hubpage).  Since you are obviously reading my page, you are capable of reading so I'll let you click on the graphic above or you can click on the link below that graphic.  Both will take you to the original article.

Shows Common Sense

I think what really made it a hit for me is that the 10 mistakes shown are ones that intuitively you should feel are wrong.  As I stated earlier, I got my HubPages start by trying to promote my affiliate links and HubPages was not really enjoying that with me.​

But the other factors all make sense as well.  If you plan on using HubPages as a way to create some great content, then please read this article.  It's an easy read and won't take you very long.

About the Author

The author's name is Rae and she's been quite active on HubPages since its early days.  She has a wicked high score of 99 which means she's the real deal.  She's written 190 HubPages which to me is quite remarkable.  An if you take a look at the title of some of her other Hubpages, you'll see that it's quite diverse in the categories.

HubPages is a Revenue Sharing Website

Sorry for getting a bit off topic, being that Rae did not really discuss this in her article.  But I bring it up as a motivation for you to consider writing for HubPages.  When you write engaging content and submit it to HubPages, any ad revenue that is generated from the site can be set up to be shared with you.  But engaging content really is the key phrase here.  And as I've already mentioned, make sure you're not overly promotional.  Just write great articles as you would anywhere else.​

Other Great Aspects of This HubPage

The following are other components of the hubpage that give it high marks:

  • Reference to HubPages fact section
  • Includes a video
  • Over 300 Comments
  • Includes Links to Other Hubpages related to the topic

If you play by the rules and are able to create great value to readers than you are a good candidate for HubPages.  Read over Rae's HubPage and follow the advice given within.  You could become the next great Hubmaster just like Rae is!

HubPages could be used as part of your overall strategy when implementing the business model shown from Wealthy Affiliate training.  Although it's not a core aspect, it can and should be incorporated to get even more eyes on your content.  Learn more about how Wealthy Affiliate can help you build a business presence by using the following link:


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