How to Get Your Website Reviewed by Thousands of People

When you publish a page or a post on your website, you really can’t know ahead of time how it will be received.Will it go viral? Or will it enter the abyss that the majority of  pages will experience?Will it Rank Well?It’s So Confusing… But what if you could get your web page or post […]

How Do You Sell on Amazon?

Selling online is easy. Making money online is another story entirely. Amazon offers different programs that give people the ability to sell online. A big question that I hear is how do you sell on Amazon?Descriptions of Amazon’s selling programs are available on its website. What’s missing from these is the reason to chose one […]

Why Aren’t You Subscribing to Your Competitors’ Blogs?

However you decide to get paid online, you are likely to come across competition. This can actually be a tremendous help to you. That seems kind of crazy doesn’t it? But hear me out.If you new to this online business stuff, or even if you’ve been at it for some time but haven’t been able […]

Social Media Quick Tip #1

Get in the habit of using hashtagsWhen you think of hashtags what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? If you said Twitter than you are with the majority. Hashtags Work in Other Social Media OutletsPinterest will turn any hashtags that you include in your descriptions into clickable links. These links will search on […]

Are Cash Back Rewards Considered Taxable Income?

Cash back rewards are great. But can they leave you in a tricky situation come tax time? You’ll be happy to know the answer is for the most part, no! The IRS considers cash back rewards a discount which is not considered taxable income.Disclaimer: Please do not misconstrue this blog post as any kind of […]

Sunday Evening Anxiety

You savor your weekends but know that they go too quickly. Then in the blink of an eye, Sunday evening rolls in.Question: Do you ever get anxious when that happens?Sunday evening anxiety is a very common affliction for many people. It occurs because of stress at work, especially when things are not going very well […]

Can Those “Get Paid To” Programs Make You Money?

Get Paid To Click…Get Paid To View Videos…Get Paid to Take Pictures…Get Paid To Read Emails…​And so on…​ If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet than you’ve no doubt seen advertising touting how you can get paid to perform all kinds of tasks online. The ones listed above are just a few […]

What Happened To Bankquest?

For those not familiar, is a website that paid you to perform certain online activities, like view videos or advertising. The payouts were pretty good so you can imagine my shock when I tried to log into my BankQuest account and found the screen that you see to the right.Perhaps it’s just an oversight […]

Top 3 Myths with Drop Shipping

Many people hear about drop shipping and think that it is the answer to their making money dreams. But often they fail because they don’t consider everything there is to know about the business. Learn the top 3 myths associated with drop shipping. Myth #1 – It’s Easy The concept of drop shipping is very […]

3 Tips To Avoid Scams

There are many opportunities online and overall they tend be legitimate. Unfortunately, there are several scams which is one of the reasons for me creating this website to try and steer clear of the scams.But sometimes,​ the best ways to avoid scams is by being proactive. Use these 3 tips to avoid scams. Tip #1 […]

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