How to Use Facebook Groups for Business

Are you looking for new ways to connect with Facebook fans? Have you considered starting a Facebook group? You may already use Facebook groups for networking, but you can also create your own Facebook groups to grow your business and nurture customer relationships. In this article you’ll discover three ways to use Facebook groups for […]

How to Use Visual Content to Drive More Traffic

Do you create images? Do they inspire your readers to take action? When used strategically images, slide decks and infographics can drive traffic to your business. They also offer the opportunity to provide further value through your content. In this article I’ll share three creative examples from businesses that used visual content to drive traffic […]

How to Build a Growth Machine

There’s one important thing we have to get out of the way: Growth has nothing to do with tactics, it has everything to do with process. So says Brian Balfour, VP of Growth at Hubspot. You hear all the time about X company tripled their growth by doing X hack. The fact is that it […]

9 “Must Try” Marketing Tactics Used by the Biggest SaaS Companies

I’m fascinated by marketing and by SaaS — two of the main things I spend my time on. Both SaaS and digital marketing are always changing, developing, and surprising me. What I’ve observed in some of the biggest SaaS companies is a lack of willingness to innovate their marketing. But at the same time, I’ve […]

26 Blogging Tools to Simplify Your Life: An A-Z List

Do you have a company blog? Are you looking for ways to improve it? Everything counts in blogging. In this article I’ll share some must-have tools for your business blog to help you do all of that and more. #1: Accentuate Social Follower Counts Arqam is a different kind of social toolbar. It doesn’t share […]

Social Sharing Habits: New Research Reveals What People Like to Share

Are you curious about which type of social content gets the most shares? Are social shares part of how you measure social marketing return on investment (ROI)? Do you wonder which social channels’ users share most frequently? In this article you’ll discover the most recent findings about what types of content get shared most, which […]

6 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Track Your Brand

Do you monitor online conversations? Are you looking for new tools to track your mentions? Whether you want to observe quietly, learn about your customers and what they’re looking for, respond to critics or simply engage in conversation, you need to know what people are saying. In this article I’ll share six tools to use […]

How to Use Facebook Organic Post Targeting

Wish your Facebook page had better engagement? Do want a way to get more post interaction without advertising? Using the Facebook Targeting for organic posts puts your updates in front of the people who are more likely to share, like or comment on them. In this article I’ll compare the results of using the Facebook […]

Content for Leads: How to Create Content That Spreads and Fills the Funnel

Do you create content? Are you looking to generate more leads? To learn how to get the most from your content, I interview Jason Miller. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what […]

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