Should You Consider A Career Change At 30?

“It’s never too early or too late to start a new career.”When someone is 30 years of age, and they graduated from college when they were 22, it may seem a bit strange that they would consider a career change at 30. Seriously, they have only been working for eight years. How could that possibly […]

The Right Content Length: A Godilocks Complex?

Everybody has an opinion on the correct length for content.  Some will say it’s 400 words.  Others will say it needs to be much longer, around 1500-2000 words.  Others yet, say somewhere in the middle is just right.  This story has a familiar ring doesn’t it?I have my own opinion on the subject.  My feeling […]

Get Paid To Guest Blog

It is necessary to realize that recently Google has announced that it is going to crack down on those that use guest posting for the sole purpose of gaining favor with the search engines.  They are not killing guest blogging in general.  But as usual blog owners are in a state of panic. This could […]

Get Paid To Read Emails

Did you know that you can actually get paid reading emails that are sent to you?  To be honest, in most cases you don’t even need to read them.  You really just need to open them.Who Pays?This has to do with advertising.  Companies will send you emails that you open and your account gets credited […]

Get Paid With Affiliate Marketing

When the web first got popular back in the 1990′s, if people wanted to sell stuff online, more often than not they had to obtain a website, find a shopping cart software, find products and warehouse them. Then set up a merchant account.  Then they had to continually add products (and delete ones that weren’t […]

Get Paid To Write

Fans of my website may have read my post “Get Paid For Blogging” may feel that blogging is the same as writing and there is some truth to that.  But when you get paid to write you have many more avenues to explore than just blogs.It’s a common belief that writing, especially on the web, […]

Get Paid To Travel

If you love to travel, this is going to be the most important and exciting article you have read regarding your travel endeavors. You see, there are ways to get paid to travel or at the very least, have others pay all your travel expenses.​​ Who Pays?There are many companies that will pay including hotels, […]

Get Paid To Shop

Like to Shop?Want to Get Paid For It?​Retailers like to make sure that their workers and branches are doing what they are supposed to be doing.  They also want to know whether customers are getting treated write.  There are services that will hire people to go to a particular retail outlet and make a purchase […]

Get Paid For Blogging

Whenever I let people in on this little gem, they are amazed that it’s even possible, i.e., that someone can get paid for blogging.  But it’s true.  There are several ways in which this can be implemented.  But lately there are some “murky waters” with regards to this subject.  So care is needed before implementing.Services […]

Get Paid For Junk

There are plenty of options including the traditional garage/yard sales.  Each have their advantages and disadvantages that will be explored in this article.The key is to use this guide and do some research and you will be well on your way to make some decent cash from the stuff you have lying around in your […]

How To Solve Your Money Problems

In case you haven’t noticed, life has gotten more expensive.  And a whole lot more uncertain too!  With many companies downsizing and outsourcing, and raises or bonuses a thing of the past, money has been getting pretty tight for a lot of people.  Use these tips to show you how to solve your money problems.Working […]

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