Get Paid Series Revisited

From time-to-time, I like to remind my readers of the various get paid programs that I have reviewed in the past and to highlight those programs for ease of access. Get Paid for your Idle Domain Names2015-01-27Get Paid To Train Others2015-01-21Get Paid to be on a Mock Jury2015-01-18Getting Paid to Display Adsense Ads2014-11-27Can Those “Get […]

Get Paid for your Idle Domain Names

Disclosure: Website owner may receive compensation as a result of a sale from clicking on the banners or links on this page.It’s rare that people own just one domain name. In fact, many people own multiple domains. They have every intention of using those domains but they end up sitting idle. So here’s an idea, […]

Maybe PayRipo Should Be Renamed to PayRipoff

Disclaimer: I have never signed up for this program myself. In my investigation of the “opportunity” presented, it has all the signs of a program that you may want to stay away from. This is less a review than an observation taken from my investigation.Description: The company claims to pay people to perform certain online […]

Is Your Job Weighing Heavily on You?

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that since you are reading this article, your job is weighing heavily on you.You are not alone! Many people are unhappy with how their jobs and by extension, lives have turned out.And what about the promise that was made that globalization would lift all boats? […]

Get Paid To Train Others

Do you have skills that you can show others how to do?Perhaps you can train people on how to upload files via FTP.Or maybe you know of a way of driving traffic to a website.Training in these categories can benefit others. Even nicer, it can benefit you as a member of Wealthy Affiliate!Training Creation is […]

Product Review: Unlimited Traffic Tap

Product Name: Unlimited Traffic TapFormat: eBookCreator: AJ Montoya Rating: 4.1 Stars ​ Description: The product creator takes you through six methods of generating traffic. You probably have heard about most or perhaps all of them. But there are some great twists that make the report worthwhile.Analysis​There is nothing ground breaking about the traffic sources that […]

Get Paid to be on a Mock Jury

The postal carrier delivers that dreaded jury duty notice. It couldn’t happen at a worst time as you are up to your ears in alligators at work. But what if you could get cash for participating in a trial as a juror in the comforts of your own home, and get paid to do it?How […]

Paid Program Mashup #1

Paid programs are all over the internet. But not all of them are legit or they simply don’t pay a lot of money. This first in a series of mashup posts will help you get started in knowing which ones to consider.Note: Not all of the opportunities included here are online, which is a bit […]

Let 2015 Be Your Year to Finally Get Paid

More people than ever are generating incomes online. They are doing this by creating assets (websites, blogs, books, eBooks, videos, etc.) that are capable of producing money. Often, these assets produce income passively (create once and earn indefinitely). Don’t believe it? Just take a look at eBay and Amazon.So ask yourself this: why can’t 2015 […]

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