Should You Consider A Career Change At 30?

"It's never too early or too late to start a new career."

When someone is 30 years of age, and they graduated from college when they were 22, it may seem a bit strange that they would consider a career change at 30. Seriously, they have only been working for eight years. How could that possibly be enough time to give it before deciding to make a career change. When we think of career changers we typically think of people in their late 40′s, early 50′s etc.

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But why continue on something that is just not right for you, no matter what age you are? Do you really want to look back after being 50 or even 60 and tell yourself you wished you had made a change in your career much earlier on. So why shouldn’t someone consider 30 to be a good age to make a change. I’m all for it.

A 30 Year Old Has Not Maxed Out on Salary

And let’s face it. In most cases, someone in their 30′s isn’t making the most from a salary perspective. I know there are exceptions to this but in general someone that age has a long way to go before they peak on salary. So it really is kind of easy for them to make a switch, don’t you think? Suppose you are in your 40′s and your making an awesome salary. You may not like your job much but your good at it and you get paid well. People find it much more difficult to give up that income. So a 30 year old has easier motivation to switch.

How To Make The Transition

​So how does one go about a career change at 30? First, find what you love to do that you don’t get paid for. What do you find yourself daydreaming about when your at the job you don’t like (or at least the job you’re just not that into)? It’s time to do some soul searching and self discovery about what really makes you stoked to do. Asks friends and family what they think you are good at. This is helpful because sometimes we do things that we don’t even think about that amazes other people. For that individual, they’ve been doing it all their life so it’s kind of second nature to them.

Will You Have To Take a Pay Cut?​

Most people who change careers may have to take a pay cut. This is because they may not have the necessary experience or they are not skilled in the new career and need to get some training and on-the-job experience before the employer is willing to boost their pay. But as mentioned before, this shouldn’t be too drastic for a 30 year old because they’re probably already not making that much to begin with. Also, if you find that this new career is your passion, you can be sure that the gap in pay from old job to new is not going to be as much of a blow. You’ll be happy to go to work everyday. There’s something to be said for that.

Why Not Start Your Own Business Instead?​

​It has never been easier to start a business today. The internet makes it so simple. The following are some of the many ways that you can use to earn money online:

  • Create Blogs with Advertising
  • Content Creation for Other Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Freelance Work
  • Website Development and Design
  • Coaching
  • Helping Others via Google Helpouts
  • Video Marketing
  • Offline Services
  • Tutorials
  • Research

This list is not extensive.  Basically, if you can think it you can probably make money from it.  Have a hobby?  Teach people about that hobby. Have knowledge of a skill? Teach about that.  In short, it can be left up to your imagination.


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