How to Write an Affiliate Product Review

I prefer selling my affiliate products through review pages because I can write an honest review of the product after I use it, and that makes my blog readers trust me even more.

Plus, when you have a template for your review page you can create multiple reviews for multiple products with less hassle and in short time.

I don’t mean a design template because your designs should vary from a product to a product.

Disclaimer: This post was written by a guest author. The techniques and opinions in this post are not necessarily reflected or endorsed by the owner of the website.

Instead I mean that I have a copywriting system of knowing where to place the product’s features and its screenshots and the other elements I am going to discuss in this article.

And having such conversion proven writing system can help you focus on the product you are reviewing and worrying less about the other copywriting factors that affect conversions.

There are many elements that can make your affiliate product review a highly converting one and knowing all those elements and how to place them can lead to increased sales for your product.

Just think of this article as your mini affiliate marketing training for writing reviews, so let’s get started.

Step 1: Understand your Affiliate Product

The more you know about the product and its inner workings the more informative your review copy will be.

All the affiliate marketing training out there can help you analyze each product that you want to promote, but understanding the product itself and coming up with conclusions and unique talking points is something that can only be gained by firsthand experience of the product.

Don’t depend on reading the sales copy of the product to understand how it works. If you can buy the product then do it because it gives you a wealth of writing materials and allows you to judge its features and in turn highlight features you think the owner underestimated.

If you are unable to buy the product for any reason, then watch walkthrough videos of it if available.

Also you need to collect all the product’s benefits and features listed on the owner’s sales copy:

How to Write an Affiliate Product Review

Put them all in a text file to use later.

Step 2: Design your Review Page

If you own review page design software, then it will save you the time and money required to hire a web designer.

Alternatively you could use a blog theme if your reviews are in the shape of blog posts.

If your affiliate marketing training provides you with set of themes then choose the most niche-relevant one.

The colors and layout of your review page should always reflect the niche of the product.

For example, products in the health niche are better reflected with green colors and health related images.

Psychologically this gives your readers the impression that your website is dedicated to this niche and in turn they perceive you as a trust worthy website (to some extend).

After you design the main template for your review page, you need to collect all the screenshots and images found on the product’s website.

You can do this by going to the product’s homepage and right-click on each image you see there and save them for later use.

Affiliate Product Image

Step 3: Find the Product’s Videos

There are at least 2 types of videos for any product:

· Pitch Video

· Walkthrough Videos

Pitch Videos are the ones that the product owner put on his sales copy. They don’t necessarily show the product in action, instead they focus more on pitching the benefits and showing a proof that the product works.

Walkthrough Videos on the other hand give potential buyers an inside look of the product, which creates an excitement and settles any questions they have about how certain features work and how user-friendly the product is.

You need to find all these videos to use on your review page.

Finding the pitch video is easy, as it is clearly visible on the sales copy. You just need to access the html code of the page to get the video URL:

Find a Video for Affiliate Product

Finding the walkthrough videos is less straight forward but equally easy, you can Google “PRODUCT_NAME”

Finding Walkthrough Videos

This will show you the list of available videos for the product, copy the videos URLs and save them for later use in the review page.

Some affiliate marketing training and courses out there provide affiliates with tools to help find videos across many video sharing sites. If you have access to such tool then use it to find the videos, then go through the results and pick the most interesting ones you find.

Have You Heard of the AIDA Model for Writing Reviews?

Step 4: Collect Customer Testimonials

Adding testimonials is a great way to instill confidence for the product and shows that product does sell. This is vital piece of data to add to your review page because it is a massive conversion booster.

If the product you are reviewing generated sales before, then most likely you will find testimonials for it.

For Amazon products, the testimonials are easy accessible and you can collect them from the product’s page itself:

Customer Testimonials

However, for non Amazon products you need to do a Google search like “PRODUCT_NAME inurl:forum”

Google Search

This will return a list of forums with people who bought the product and placed their opinion, go through them and collect the positive testimonials to use on your review page.

Google Search with INURL

Step 5: Add your Smoking Gun

There are exclusive things you can add to your review page to make it more converting than other competing affiliates and even more converting than the product’s sales copy itself, things like:

· Discount Coupons

· Bonus

Giving discounts on your review page will make your visitors buy the product from your affiliate link and not from the homepage of the product.

You need to contact the product owner and introduce yourself as an affiliate, tell him to give you a coupon code for a discount, even discounts that are as little as 5% will convert among tight-budget buyers.

Bonus: Another incentive to add to your review page is offering bonus to your readers. Many affiliates offer PDF guides or even offer access to their own products.

That’s because if you noticed that your affiliate product is missing something, you can fill that gap with a product-relevant bonus.

Offering bonuses gives your readers the impression of how generous you are, and this will increase your conversion rate.

The delivering of the bonus however is something you are responsible for and not the product owner. You need to tell your readers to contact you with their purchase order number so you can confirm his sale and deliver the bonus yourself.

Step 6: Put it all Together

Finally you need to put all the above elements together to create your review page.

You can do that by using an HTML editor or any review page creator software. This is the most technical part of review page creation.

If you are not tech savvy, you can hire a web designer and he will be able to create the review page for you per your instructions of course.

An example of how a review page will look like when put together is:

Affiliate Product Review Example


If your affiliate marketing or course (check this one here) offers you a tool to build your review page from scratch then combine what you learned there with what you learned on this post.

And always take your time when writing your product reviews, as it is the bridge between the customer and the product.

Always be honest in your reviews even if the product has flaws because no product is perfect, and if your readers noticed that you are hiding something then they won’t trust your review.

Ibrahim Dahy

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