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Let 2015 Be Your Year to Finally Get Paid

More people than ever are generating incomes online. They are doing this by creating assets (websites, blogs, books, eBooks, videos, etc.) that are capable of producing money. Often, these assets produce income passively (create once and earn indefinitely). Don’t believe it? Just take a look at eBay and Amazon.So ask yourself this: why can’t 2015 […]

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Take the Just Beam It Challenge

Just Beam It ( is a great (and fast) service that allows you to send up a file to their server, create a link. This link allows for one download. Whenever the file is downloaded, it goes away on the server. So it’s a one time hit.But it got me to thinking, why not come […]

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Positive Thinking Methods

Positive thinking is actually a powerful tool. It is also abundant and free. Many beginners find it hard to banish negative thoughts and to find positive ones on which to focus, though maintaining positive thoughts can be something you can now do. Positive thinking has many benefits. First, it can increase your life span.  Further […]

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When Was Your Last Raise At Work?

A common complaint these days is that workers are not getting raises anymore, or if they are they are rather skimpy, to say the least.  And bonuses seem like a thing of the past.  But the cost of living has risen, in spite of what governments are trying to trick people into believing (they don’t […]

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