Content Samurai Is Rebranding to Vidnami

Author: James Cochrane      Publish Date: January 16, 2020

Video is growing in important for content marketing. However, bloggers are often not videographers and the growth of video puts them at a disadvantage. That is, until Content Samurai came along. But, when you see information about the tool, you should realize that Content Samurai is rebranding to Vidnami.

Content Samurai Is Rebranding to Vidnami

If you want to know more about Content Samurai, check out my latest review on the software. You'll see why it is becoming an industry standard for webmasters and bloggers wanting to create professional videos.

Why the Change?

On the Facebook page of the Content Samurai (CS) group (now Vidnami), the management discussed why they decided to rebrand the software. When they started Content Samurai, they meant it to be a general purpose content-creation tool. 

As video is taking over as the content consumed the most, the creators felt the CS name simply didn't portray the video aspects of the software. It didn't resonate as a video creation tool.

Using the name Vidnami should help to accomplish this goal. The good news is that even if you sign up now under the CS brand, it will switch you to the Vidnami software. The software is the same. I tested this out myself. I created a video in CS and then logged into Vidnami. The video was there.

Do You Need Video?

Whether you need video or not depends on your circumstances. Most bloggers or webmasters need video to stay in the game. Video creation is hard, though. And Vidnami (I'll use this going forward) can produce videos quickly and professionally. 

Here is the link mentioned in the video:

I've been at this content game for a few years now, and I can tell you that videos do make a bigger impact for your content creation efforts. If you don't believe this, ask yourself how many times you have viewed a video on YouTube (or some other video platform). 

Even if you aren't a video head, most people are. That's where your audience will spend a chunk of its time. How much depends on the audience, but you can bet it will be a lot of time.

Is Vidnami Really That Easy?

If it takes you longer than an hour to pick up the basics of Vidnami, I'd be suprised. If you get stuck, the company has tutorials (probably still under the CS name for now). I would recommend going through the tutorials. You'll learn quicker if you do.

I can usually crank out at least one video per day. Sometimes, I get two or even three completed. 

How to Use Vidnami

Uploading videos to YouTube may seem like a cool idea, but is that all you need to do to get your content to rank? I know several people on the Vidnami Facebook group have stated they post consistent videos created by the tool on their YouTube channels. They all said they are now making sales. 

I have also learned that from an SEO perspective, having embedded videos on your blog can help rank better. The reason when people watch videos on your website, the amount of time they spend increases the average time spent on the website, which is a positive aspect of SEO.

You can embed videos other than ones you create, and that can help. But, wouldn't your rather have control over the videos? You can add your branding to your videos, strengthening your position.

How to Get Started with Vidnami

Read the review that I wrote for Content Samurai. Like I said, signing up will switch you automatically to Vidnami when the company flips the switch. There will be no difference. 

When you read the review, you'll learn how I tried to forego using Content Samurai. You'll also learn why that was a huge mistake.

Vidnami Review

It's actually Content Samurai right now, but it will changeover soon!

Click on the button to read the review now!


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