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Easy Bookworm Cash

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eBook (PDF)




The information contained in this report was a surprise. When put to use I made some money with it. There are some caveats that will be discussed below but overall the product is highly recommended.


Note: I purchased this product outright and did not receive a review copy. I tried the methods out and the results are written in my own words.

Instead of telling you what the product is about, I will discuss my experiences with it. This will give you an understanding of how it can help you while still being able to get the dynamics of the report.

I Started with Books I Currently Own

I used the techniques in the report to find out the values of books that I currently have around the house. After going through several, I discovered buyers would be willing to commit about $70 to the purchase of my books. They pay for shipping.

I hadn't even come close to all the books so I become excited at the prospect that there could be something to the methods set out in the report.

After going through several more books, my total amount that buyers would commit to was $130.

Who Are the Buyers?

There is a secondary book selling market with a group of sellers who are willing to buy books at a discount. They will mark up the price in their stores and sell for a profit. To maintain the integrity of this market, these book sellers practically guarantee that they will buy from you at the agreed upon price. The only exception is when the condition of the book or books are not as good as they should be. This is something you should keep in mind when using this method. If it's not in good condition, don't ship it.

How do you know the value of the books and who will buy them? That is what the books shows you how to do. It will give you the places to check as well as the tools you will need (some which will make your life a whole lot easier).

A few caveats...

The first caveat is that not all books are going to have any value whatsoever to the buyers. The product creator does give you some tips on which types of books are best for these methods.

The second caveat is that some of the places the product creator suggests you source your back may try to discourage you from using the techniques to find out how much buyers will be willing to pay. They want you to buy as many books as possible. By you knowing which ones will have value ahead of time, you will likely weed through and find only those that will sell.

Will This Work For You?

I can only report on my experiences. I don't know what books you currently own, and that you want to get rid of. Also, if you live in remote areas where you have to travel miles to get to the resources the product creator suggests, this could make these methods tougher for you to be successful with.

The methods are sound and given the right environment, you can make some money with it. As to whether you can make a full time income would largely depend on what kind of commitment you are willing to put in and how hard you are willing to work at it.


Hopefully, after going through my experience with this product you have established that it is a decent report that can work if you give it the appropriate time and effort.


The Good Stuff:
  • Easy to implement
  • It is a solution that can make you money
  • The report is well written and you will easily grasp the concepts given.
The Bad Stuff:
  • It will take a fair amount of books to make a significant amount of money
  • It's labor intensive. This won't be a passive income solution (unless you hire others to do it for you).
  • Many books will come up with zero value (or not enough to make it worth your time). Although, some books will payout big which can compensate for those $0 books.


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