My Review of The 10 Most Common HubPages Mistakes

I am a fan of HubPages.  Once I stopped trying to use them exclusively for promotion, life got better for me with respect to not getting my pages removed.  And that's as it should be.  But if you are going to use them then you should learn how to do it right.  And that is why I chose to review this particular HubPage.  It shows what mistakes people often make and how to avoid them.

I am not going to reiterate what was written in the article (or Hubpage).  Since you are obviously reading my page, you are capable of reading so I'll let you click on the graphic above or you can click on the link below that graphic.  Both will take you to the original article.

Shows Common Sense

I think what really made it a hit for me is that the 10 mistakes shown are ones that intuitively you should feel are wrong.  As I stated earlier, I got my HubPages start by trying to promote my affiliate links and HubPages was not really enjoying that with me.​

But the other factors all make sense as well.  If you plan on using HubPages as a way to create some great content, then please read this article.  It's an easy read and won't take you very long.

About the Author

The author's name is Rae and she's been quite active on HubPages since its early days.  She has a wicked high score of 99 which means she's the real deal.  She's written 190 HubPages which to me is quite remarkable.  An if you take a look at the title of some of her other Hubpages, you'll see that it's quite diverse in the categories.

HubPages is a Revenue Sharing Website

Sorry for getting a bit off topic, being that Rae did not really discuss this in her article.  But I bring it up as a motivation for you to consider writing for HubPages.  When you write engaging content and submit it to HubPages, any ad revenue that is generated from the site can be set up to be shared with you.  But engaging content really is the key phrase here.  And as I've already mentioned, make sure you're not overly promotional.  Just write great articles as you would anywhere else.​

Other Great Aspects of This HubPage

The following are other components of the hubpage that give it high marks:

  • Reference to HubPages fact section
  • Includes a video
  • Over 300 Comments
  • Includes Links to Other Hubpages related to the topic

If you play by the rules and are able to create great value to readers than you are a good candidate for HubPages.  Read over Rae's HubPage and follow the advice given within.  You could become the next great Hubmaster just like Rae is!

HubPages could be used as part of your overall strategy when implementing the business model shown from Wealthy Affiliate training.  Although it's not a core aspect, it can and should be incorporated to get even more eyes on your content.  Learn more about how Wealthy Affiliate can help you build a business presence by using the following link:


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