Ways to Make Quick Money: This is Gold

This post is a roundup of various websites outlining ways to make quick money. This is Gold.

I include links for you to check them out for yourself. Some of them are obvious, i.e., h old a yard sale, etc. Others may not seem so obvious and may surprise you.

You will notice some overlap between the various resources listed. It's only when there are distinct differences that I include them as part of this roundup.

In each case, you can either click on the graphic or the (more...) link to read more about them.


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Daily Finance

Here is a list of 25 quick ways to make money. Most of these listed are quite good. The ones I would probably steer clear of are suggestions of PayDay loans as well as gambling at the casino. They do specify these as last resorts but personally they don't even belong on the list.


How Stuff Works

This article is a resource for 10 Quick Ways to Make Money. They too make mention of loans and gambling. Just stick to the ones where you can't get yourself in trouble. The likelihood of earning consistent money in a casino is well, a crap shoot! Taking out a loan is not making money unless you are capable of earning more than the interest.


​Good Financial Cents

What you should like about this resource is it's not terribly wordy. It's in a format of a listing with usually a quick one line description about how each item could be used to make you cash quickly. Some of the items are about saving money as well.


Money Talks News

Several of the resources listed in this article I have never heard before and seem like great ways to make some cash fast. I'd be very surprised if you knew every item in this list.



When I first started reading this, I kept thinking to myself it is a rehash of all the other resources that I have already included. But as I get further into it, I found that it lists some really cool ideas and was definitely worthy of inclusion.



My plan is to update this list on an ongoing basis. If it gets too big, I'll create another post as the continuation but for now, I will ad them to this section.

​Quit Your Day Job 101

As my first update, I have found this resource that is fairly comprehensive and deserved being added to the list. It has not only fast ways to make money but other more longer term types of resources as well.


General Guidelines

When you are evaluating ways to make money quickly, make sure you understand everything about what you need to do and when applicable, search online to make sure whatever the money make endeavor you are thinking about doing is legal and legitimate.

The following are items that you probably want to stay away from:​

  • Mystery Shopping - although there are some that are legitimate there are many that are not.
  • Network Marketing - I am not stating that people don't make money with network marketing. It just takes a long time and usually has hefty monthly fees.
  • Paid Surveys - again there some legit companies and I have gotten money from them. But they tend to ask for a lot of personal information and the more money offered the more information they want.
  • Binary Options - many will tout this as a great way earn money put it is the derivative instrument. As such, it is complicated and there is just as easy a chance as losing as there is with winning. And when you lose in these schemes it's usually a lot of money due to the concept of leverage.
  • Micro Task Sites - While these tend to be legal and legit, you will get very frustrated by the amount of work needed to be done for literally pennies. MTurk by Amazon is an example of this type of site. You will literally be doing 15 to 20 minutes of work for about 10 cents. There are much better ways to make money.
  • Paid to Surf - Sounds like a dream come true, i.e., to get paid while you surf the internet. The trouble is you will get bombarded with advertising and increase your chances of having malware installed on you desktop/laptop, etc. The amount that you get is literally pennies. Often, you have to view three different ads for 30 seconds each just to get paid a penny.
  • Stuffing Envelopes - How this works is you will be given flyers that try to convince others to sign up and do they same thing you are doing. You will not get paid for stuffing envelopes. You will only get paid if you can find other suckers to pay you to do the same thing, i.e., stuff envelopes. What you will be stuffing envelopes with is flyers that try to entice the person receiving the letter to sign up and pay you. By the way, you are responsible for all the postage fees and envelopes. This is a joke. Keep away from this one!
  • Paying for Lists of Jobs - You should never have to pay to work. Anyone that tells you they have the latest and greatest resources for finding jobs and charges you for that, you should be very wary of this type of scheme. You can easily find the information yourself. Hopefully, this article has helped you get a big start.
  • Paid to Click - this is very similar to the Paid to Surf item listed above. Although you can make a little bit of money with this, you will get board due to the small payouts that you get from clicking. Again, you will be shown advertisements via email and when you click on them they pay you pennies. If you are able to recruit other people, it's possible to make some  decent money with this because you make money when for your referrals activities. The trouble is, if you get bored with doing this, what makes you think your referrals won't as well?

Common Sense is Your Best Ally

It's really important when evaluating ways to make quick money to use common sense. If the opportunity sounds to good to be true, it probably is. People won't pay you to do something for nothing. Those that are willing to pay for you to do activities are going to try the get the most out of you for the least amount of money. That's the nature of the beast!​

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