How to Quit
Your Job

A Step-By-Step Strategy on Quitting Your Job, How to Quit Your Job Safely and Finding Your Life’s Passion
in 60 Days or Less

This is a review of the book, “How to Quit Your Job” by Adrian Landsberg

Here are some of the points the author from this book:

  • Why Quit Your Job?
  • How to go About Quitting Your Job
  • Life After Your Job
  • Knowing the Best Time to Quit Your Job
  • How to Stay on Good Terms With Your Employer
  • Finding Your Life’s Purpose
  • Taking Time Out
  • Much, much more!


My Review

On the whole not a terrible book. It is well written and short. It just seems to deal with high level generalities that most people can figure out on their own. I guess I was expecting more of a step-by-step method as was promised in the subheading.

There are some points made by the author that suggests your work is what defines you as a person. I am not sure I agree with that. But he has the right to his opinion.

I do like the part where the author suggests that you take time for yourself (budget allowing) and spend some time with family and friends. That is good advice and it is probably somebody who is thinking of quitting a job wouldn’t necessarily consider.

At the time of my writing this review, the book had 16 glowing reviews which I am a little confused about and perhaps even a bit skeptical. So I checked on for this book and there is one person that reviewed it with not such a stellar review. Amazon reviews can be bought or exchanged even if that is supposedly against Amazon’s terms of service.

The book is enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Direct Program (KDP) which means that the author can offer certain promotional features (like discounts or even free) for a total of five days within a 90-day period. If you keep tabs on this book, you may be able to take advantage of the book during those promotional periods. That would be the only time I would recommend picking the book up as the $2.99 regular price seems a bit of a premium compared to what’s in the book.

Probably one of the higher points of the book is the inclusion of a link to his website. I think the website is well done. You can find the link at:

For more information on the book, take a look on Amazon. Please note, it is unlikely you will find it anywhere else as Amazon requires as part of the KDP terms to be exclusive to Amazon for the 90-day period. Here is the link:

How to Quit Your Job

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