Can You Start a Business with No Money?

Business Woman with No Money

​Almost everything you do requires a cash outlay. Even if you ​could harvest your food yourself, you would need to buy the seeds and obtain the knowledge on how best to grow those seeds. Based on the fact that everything cost money you may ask, can you start a business with no money? I have some […]

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Should You Sign an Employee Non-Compete Agreement?

​I believe businesses have the right to protect themselves. There are several instances of employees behaving badly and stealing corporate secrets and selling them to the highest bidder. However, when the question, should you sign an employee non-compete agreement, arises, it seems the answer is that companies have gone too far.​Stealing sensitive trade secrets is […]

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Be Cautious When Labeling Something a Scam

Scammer Stealing Money

​There is no doubt that scams are on the rise. The sheer number of websites or blogs that are created every week are bound to increase the scams that ​come along with them. Unfortunately, it’s a number’s game.​And scammers often regroup and form another website after the scam has run its course. They create a […]

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Valentine’s Day Payday

​When trying to get paid online, people forget about the holidays until it’s too late. I write this at the end of January 2018, and admittedly, I am not following my own advice in writing a timely post about Valentine’s Day. It may be too late! I’m okay with that and I believe there may still […]

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What Is the Ideal Length of a Blog Post?

Blog Post

​I’ve stopped counting the number of times I have seen the following question asked​:​What is the ideal length of a blog post? It’s a valid question, though. And likely to elicit different answers depending on whom you talk to.The point is no one can say truly what the length should be because it depends on […]

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