Get Paid to Conduct Surveys

Get Paid to Conduct Surveys

Google has a program that allows you to get paid to conduct surveys. This is not the same as the Paid to Take Surveys that you may see advertise all over the internet. In this case, you are the one that is conducting the surveys, although Google is the engine delivers the actual survey.


You must have a Google Adsense account in good standing and you must adhere to Google's policies concerning its consumer surveys program. If you have never worked with any kind of Google program, trust me when I tell you they take this very seriously. If you break their rules you will likely get banned for life.

How Much Does Google Pay?

The going rate at the time of this writing is 5 cents per question answered. The survey prevents users from seeing your content until they answer one or more questions in the survey. ​However, Google does allow visitors to bypass the survey and get to your content. If that happens, you want get credit for the question.

Similar to Fan Gating

If you are a Facebook user, you may recognize this kind of mechanism, i.e., blocking content until the visitor takes some action, as fan gating. What you may not be aware of is that Facebook no longer allows the practice. Google gets around the negative aspects of fan gating by allowing users to bypass the survey altogether.

Won't This Annoy Visitors?

It probably won't be on everyone's list of favorite website activities but you would be surprised how many people will participate. People don't mind surveys as long as they are not too long and too personally intrusive with respect to the questions.​

Does it Cost Anything to Join?

The program is entirely free. As mentioned you will need an Adsense account but you are not required to display Adsense ads on your website.

How Much Money Will This Make?

That really depends on how much traffic you get to your website and how targeted that traffic is. If you have a website about selling orchids and someone comes to your site looking for bicycle parts, they probably aren't going to stick around for very long.​

Why is Google Doing This?

Google uses the data from the surveys as part of their market research into consumer behavior. So they are effectively getting website owners who want to participate to do much of the dirty work for them. If you participate and are able to get decent traffic to pages that use this survey, Google gets the benefit. It's up to you if you believe that is worth 5 cents per question or not.​

Where to Go For More Information​

​Google Adsense Sign Up

Publisher Program Policies

Google Consumer Surveys Sign Up

Are There Better Ways to Make Money Online?

Getting 5 cents for people to click on your ads may not seem like much especially if it requires more than that cost to obtain those visitors. Therefore, you may want to pursue other types of money making (or get paid) programs that can bank a lot more. One of my favorites is Wealthy Affiliate. This is a recurring revenue program (monthly or yearly) where all you need to do is convince people to sign up for the free membership. When they upgrade to premium, you will receive a ongoing commission for as long as they remain a paying member.

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