How to Profit from Creating an Ebook

If you want to know how to profit from creating an eBook, you are in the right place. I'll describe some easy ways to do so, but I will also discuss the reasons why you'll want to make the effort. In this handy guide, you'll be prepared with a secret that many bloggers and marketers have known for quite some time.


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An eBook is a fantastic way to generate income. You have several options available for its use including:

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  • Selling it on your website
  • Selling it on other platforms, like EJunkies and Clickbank.
  • Giving it away as part of a list magnet
  • Publishing it to Amazon and taking advantage of promotions on the platform
  • Giving it to other bloggers for them to build their list magnet
  • Using it as a prize for a contest

This list is by no means exhaustive. But it should be enough to show you the potential with creating and using eBooks.

Isn't Giving Away Ebooks No Longer Effective?

One myth to dispel right now is that giving away eBooks has outlived its effectiveness. While it is true that it has lost some marketing juice, it's not dead. Personally, I think high-profile marketers and bloggers created a PR campaign to play up that myth. If they can convince enough people that eBooks are not effective, they lower their competition significantly.

What If You Don't Know What to Write About?

This is a common concern. Here are some ideas to consider: 

  • What eBook would you like to see that doesn't exist but you wish it did?
  • Selling it on other platforms
  • Preexisting content from your website
  • Scan titles on Amazon and read through the Look Inside... feature.
  • Subscribe to free podcasts in your niche. Then, listen to some of the podcasts from the subscription. Use the concepts discussed as possible ideas.
  • For the same titles from the previous step, read through the reviews and enhance items that are positive and change items that are considered negative.
  • Scan for topics on competitors' websites. Use this only as ideas for topics, but don't copy.

Once again, this is not an extensive list. But it should help get you started.

How to Create the eBook

Now that you have your list of topics from the previous step, how do you write the eBook? The good news is I have a template for you to use. You'll be amazed at the simplicity of the steps. I think it's a worthwhile read even if you aren't ready to publish your eBook yet. 

Just follow the steps in the template, and you'll have a fully-written PDF eBook that you can use however you please. 

What you'll learn how to do from the template is know why repurposed content is valuable, how to publish to a PDF, how to make the readibility factor high, and where to find your free eBook template, which you can download directly.

Tips on How to Construct Your eBook

Now that you have your concept or title, it's time to dig in and create the eBook. If you have never tried that before, though, I can tell you that it is exciting, but also a bit scary. It's an intimidating process and it can discourage even the most seasoned writers.

But fear not. That's why I wrote this article - to help you get over the hump of getting the eBook written. I firmly believe the template I included for you to download will help you in a big way. But why stop there? Here are some tips to help guide you in the process of creating your eBook masterpiece:

Tip #1 - Research Before You Write

Many bloggers or writers research as they are writing. For some people, this works. For most, though, it is a source of huge distraction. You tend to go down rabbit holes and find it difficult to come back.

You will still get distracted when doing research first and then writing later. However, most of the distractions will occur at the research stage. One way to keep the distractions at a minimum is to turn off your devices and close your email software. Stay away from social media, unless that is part of your research.

Tip #2 - Find All Your Materials Before Your Write

This is similar to Tip #1, but if you break down the process into steps, it becomes just that: a process. If you are planning on creating videos to include in your eBooks (via links to YouTube, for example) then you'll want to create those before you create your ebook. Of course, perhaps it's better to do the outline (Tip #3) before this step, so that you can cover everything you are writing about in the video. But that is a personal choice.

Tip #3 - Create an Outline

If you choose only one tip, let it be this one. When you have an outline, it's almost effortless to create the eBook because you are writing what is based on the outline.

You can change this midcourse if necessary, but try to avoid doing so. You may find that as you're writing you want to cover other options, or go more in-depth with some of the topics. But consider these for future updates or for new eBooks.

Tip #4 - Don't Edit on the First Drift

Writers and bloggers got bogged done with making the first draft perfect. Don't bother. Get all your writing done first, then scrutinize what you've done later. Again, when you turn the entire process into a series of steps, it flows much easier and you increase your chances of getting the book written. 

Tip #5 - Do Edit After You Have Finished the First Draft

Another mistake writers and bloggers make is in thinking that you can create a masterpiece from the first draft. That chances of this happening are slim. Be critical of your work and make changes. But don't be overly critical to the point where you never get anything released. 

Tip #6 - Do a Value Check

Is your eBook valuable to your intended audience? One way to know this is to find people in your target audience to give review copies to. You can even use these reviews when you market your eBook. Remember to disclose that the reviews were given free copies, though.

Keeping the value proposition high is what will separate your from others who crank out junk eBooks just to get something to give away or sell. Don't do that. Provide value and you'll develop a strong reputation.


I've been at this game a while now, and I can assure you that my eBook creation process has been more streamlined and more productive when I followed the above tips. 

Of course, you are free alter the process as it fits you. But do evaluate what you are doing and make any necessary adjustments to improve the process.

Free Template? What's the Catch?

None, really. The template will contain other resources to help you. If you decide to use those resources and you sign up, the template creator may receive a commission. But there is certainly no obligation to use those resources. The good news if the template works for you, it will probably lead to sales. That means you can afford to upgrade when that happens. 

You will also have some options to sign up for a free landing page creator. If you don't know what a landing page is, you'll learn from this page. It's a sales page that is used to get sign ups for your email list or to make sales. This is another one of those options where you only need to upgrade if you start increasing your email list. And trust me, once you do that, you'll likely be making money at that point. 

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