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Opportunity: Wealthy Affiliate University

Description: Online Training Program Giving Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Set Up a Profitable Online Business. There is Nothing Like It Anywhere Else!

Who's It For? People who want to take control of their own destiny.



Overall Ranking: 4.89 stars out of 5.00
Price: 0$ For Starter Membership (more…)
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com



Are you someone looking to create a viable business online? There is a lot of information on the web about how to do this but here is the sad truth: Most of it is junk!

I have seen so many different schemes showing how you can be an overnight success or how you push a button and you’ll have magic traffic beating down the doors of your website.


I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since January 2009.  I make mention of this because I and several other members know something good when we see it.  The creators of the platform, Kyle & Carson, have developed a way for people to create an online business that has the capability of actually making money.


“Wealthy Affiliate Really Becomes Like A Second Family To You!”

But if you come to know Kyle & Carson like I have, you will see that these two guys really care about people succeeding.  They are constantly improving the service and the community contained within is growing.  It really becomes like a second family to you.


There is no business on the face of this planet that is completely perfect.  In this section I will highlight some of the best features of Wealthy Affiliate as well as point out some of its shortcomings (don’t worry there really aren’t that many).


  • Access to various classrooms to allow custom tailoring of training
  • Wide variety of training delivery methods (video, tutorials, etc.)
  • Access to industry-wide experts
  • Open education where members can contribute to training and blogs
  • Training that updates as the industry does
  • Tens of thousands of active members, all dedicated to helping each other succeed
  • State-of-the-art tools including hosting and two free websites
  • Coverage on all the major aspects of creating an online business – leaving out the guesswork
  • A zero tolerance for spam within the membership
  • $0 Membership – yes you can get access for zero cost


  • Due to the large amount of training, it can be a bit overwhelming to new members.  But there is a classroom dedicated to navigating your way around Wealthy Affiliate so that overwhelming feeling doesn’t last very long.  Plus, there is always the live chat where most people are willing to pitch in and help you.
  • Even though there is new training being constantly added, some of the older modules don’t always reflect changes in the industry.  But discussions within the membership area usually help overcome this aspect.
  • Sometimes members get lost in the live chat discussions – but really…whose fault is that! 🙂


Wealthy Affiliate is really a product of its members.  The community atmosphere makes it a sort of living, breathing entity.  This is advantageous because as the industry changes, the members make sure each other are aware of changes.  And because of the diversity of the skills of the various members, the stage is set to constantly be learning something and rather frequently.

When a member logs in, the dashboard appears where you can interact with other members or you start up a training module.  Each member is also given their own blog and blog entries are broadcast for all to see.

Many of the training modules have tasks within each of the modules along with a checklist at the end, which helps members progress through the training.  Each training module also has its own discussion area for questions and comments.  Often, these discussions can get quite involved and is yet another learning mechanism that is included as part of the Wealthy Affiliate membership.


Wealthy Affiliate is for any community minded individual that is looking to put forth the effort that can lead to a successful business online.  It is not for someone who is looking to join up just so that they can flood the membership with spam offers.  There is a strict, zero tolerance for spam and for good reason.  We come to Wealthy Affiliate to learn and help, not to be bombarded with offers which we can get during a normal internet session (which none of us wants anyway).


wa-classrooms If I were to list all the training here in this evaluation, it would take pages and pages of content and it would not make sense when you can simply go there to see it all for yourself.  Since Kyle & Carson offer a $0 membership, it’s easy for anyone to simply go and sign up to see what kind of training is included.  But as you can see on the right hand side, is a listing of the classrooms as they exist today.

As you can see, just about every aspect of online business is covered in these classrooms.  There is very little guessing and if you get stuck you can post to your blog, or you can jump on the live chat and ask away.  The members participate in a pay-it-forward type of situation.  so they help you out and as you gain experience, you will likely help someone else out in the future.  It’s been this way for me since I joined in 2009.

Training modules can be as simple as a member posting a blog about a new method or technique or it can be as complex as a course along with a video training module.  And with the open education project, members are free to create training as they see fit and there is even the possibility of getting paid for those modules depending on how popular they are with other members.


One of the truly unique aspects of Wealthy Affiliate is the levels of support that are available.  Remember, with tens of thousands of active members all with varying degrees of expertise and from various parts of the world, you are likely to find someone that will have an answer for you.  You can get support by:

  • Posting a question on your blog – members are notified in real time via a broadcast so someone is likely to see it.  Plus, most active members leave the email notifications on so they can get an email when a post has been posted.
  • Posting a reply on another member’s blog – when you do a search in your member’s area for the topic that you have a question about, the results will often be training that has been created for that topic or other members that have come across that question before (or something similar).  If you want to expand on a subject, you can simply reply to the post to get the discussion going again.
  • Put in a support ticket – although this is really meant for technical problems that may occur (your website is down, etc.), if you are really stuck, opening a ticket can lead to a solution or at least point you in the right direction.
  • Post your question on the live chat – as Wealthy Affiliate is comprised of members from all around the world, it’s unlikely that someone won’t be available on the live chat.  It is broadcast right from members’ dashboards and many of the more senior-level members monitor the chat and try to help as best as they can.
  • Any person that signs up from the links within this website will get personal attention from me.  I monitor the boards of my referrals each and everyday and if I see that a question was posted, I will make sure you find the answer you need.

As you can see, getting support is pretty easy to do when you become a member.


It dawned on me when creating this evaluation, why not let you try out for yourself one of the training modules!  So I got permissions for Kyle & Carson to do just that.  They are allowing me to give one of the training modules a try so you can get a feel for just what kind of high quality training you can expect with your membership!

One of my favorite modules is how Kyle shows people how to create a WordPress website in under 30 seconds.  It’s pretty remarkable!  Just click on the video below to see it yourself:

30 Second Website


There are two membership levels for Wealthy Affiliate:

Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)
Premium Membership, $47 Per Month / $359 Per Year (Join Here)

A starter membership is enough to get you started.  You’ll get the training you need to create a complete website and you’ll get the foundation for how to get traffic to that website.  Plus, you get two free websites that you can use to start your online business.  You get the support you need from the members as well as the feeling of being a part of something that is greater than yourself.  In fact, it’s greater than all of us.

So why would you need to become a premium member?  You don’t necessarily need to but it’s been shown that members who upgrade to premium are five times more successful than those who just maintain the starter membership.  Also, you get so much more training and access to benefits that are not available to starter members, one of them being unlimited hosting as part of the package.  That alone can add up to the price of the membership.

Here’s another reason why paying for premium can make it worthwhile.  When you get something for free, you don’t always pay as much attention to it as when you have “skin in the game” so to speak.  Now don’t get me wrong.  There are people that have created successful businesses with only the starter membership.  But unfortunately the majority of people that never upgrade to premium abandon their membership.  I know this from my own monitoring.  When you upgrade to premium it gives you a more targeted focus to get things done that it can become a self fulfilling prophecy in a way.


I have created several articles of my own, to give my readers an insider’s view of how to be successful with Wealthy Affiliate.  I am going to extend that to you as well.  Take a look at the following:

I also have other resources that I will be glad to give you as well as offer you a pledge to mentor you towards success (see below!)


Here’s what you should do: join as a starter member for zero ($0) dollars.  And after you join, I have one simple request: set up your account.  I will show you exactly how when you sign up.  Then, try out the service for (seven) 7 days.  If after those seven days you don’t see as much value as I and other members do, there is nothing else to do.  You don’t have to notify anyone that you don’t want to continue and you get to keep your starter membership for as long as you want.

Join Wealthy Affiliate, $0 Starter Members Here!

If on the other hand, you really see how our community can create value for you by showing you how to carve out your own space in the cyber world with your online business, then here is what I can do for you.  I have again gotten permission from Kyle & Carson to give you a special deal on your first month.  If you upgrade within that first seven (7) days, then you can get the first month for 59% off the regular monthly price which is $47.  So it would cost you $19 for your first month.  This way you can continue to evaluate the training and decide whether you want to continue as a premium member.  You’ve got nothing to lose!


JimMerrModI want you to feel totally comfortable signing up.  So here is what I pledge to you.  Go ahead and sign up for the starter membership that costs you nothing.  Set up your account.  Then about an hour after you sign up, you will get a message from me giving you detailed instructions on what to do next.  But that’s not all.  I want to completely support you so that I can personally monitor your success.  So if you have any questions, you simply send me an email or write the question on your blog.  Remember, I can monitor the people that sign up with from this page.  So if I see that you asked a question, I will be on top of it.   You will NEVER be alone in this process and I will be dedicated to helping you make money online!  When you sign up, you’ll see thatmy member name is @techhound.





Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate


4.89/5 stars