What Are Private Label Rights Products?

In the course of maintaining your blog or website, eventually you are going to come across a term known as Private Label Rights (PLR). So just what are Private Label Rights Products?

Private Label Rights is a concept by which owners of products (usually digitally based) give holders of the products certain legal rights to distribute to others. The rights assigned depends on the product creators. Some creators are very liberal with what can be done while others are more restrictive.

Are Private Label Rights Products Worth Using?

Private Label Rights have gotten a bad reputation in the past several years, mainly because of the abuse that came about on how these products were distributed. Many people that acquired the rights to these products tended to flood the internet with copies of the product as it was published. This led to hundreds, if not thousands of copies of the same product littered all over the internet. As you could well imagine, a product's value is diluted when it's available everywhere (and usually for free).

Quality Issues with PLR

Another problem that has plagued PLR products is the quality of many of them are not as high as they should be. They tended to have very basic, high level information that anyone could easily get from doing a simple Google search. In fact, that is how many of these PLR products were created. The product creators would do a search on a certain topic and simply regurgitate whatever was returned from the search.

A Current Resurgence of Quality

There are still many PLR products that are low quality but recently I have noticed a small percentage of product creators upping the game, so to speak. The quality is getting which is good news for anyone who is responsible for content creation.

Some Tips when Considering Using Private Label Rights Products

  • Go through the content before distributing to others to ensure it's high quality
  • Always modify so that it is a different version than what the masses would use
  • Don't be afraid to pay some money for PLR. The very fact that it costs money, means others won't participate. The higher the price, the more they will stay away. Just be sure it is high quality and if not, ask for a refund.
  • Try repurposing the PLR into other formats. If it's an ebook for example, make a video out of the content. This will give you more ways to distribute.
  • Take a look at PLRCritic.com. This resource evaluates and reviews PLR products and will give honest reviews of the products.

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