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PinWoot ScreenIf you want to get more followers on Pinterest, then you’ll want to continue reading.  And if you want more traffic then you’ll want to consider doing this.  Right off the bat, let me tell you that it is free to do so you want have to read through this article just to find out that it will cost you money.

It is no secret that Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic.  But in order for you to get that traffic you need to have many followers.  I am not just talking about a couple of hundred.  You really need to have thousands of followers.

But getting thousands of followers using traditional methods could take years.  Why not streamline the process by using a service that will help you increase your traffic much more rapidly?  I’ll get to what that service is but here is the twist (and it’s a good one).  You can earn points (or what they call seeds) for every action you take on Pinterest.  And you can use those seeds to gain followers.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!

If you follow people and repin pins, why not get something for your efforts?  Earning seeds is what you will get when use this service.  So rather than wait years you can now increase your Pinterest followers simply by signing up for PinWoot.

world_magnifierPinWoot Tip: I’ll even give you this tip to help you earn quicker with PinWoot.  Use the filter function to sort potential followers by seeds.  This will show the potentials offering the most seeds to follow them.  How cool is that?

So if you are ready to gain more followers in a much quicker fashion than traditional methods, and want to start using this neat little trick, why not sign up right now to PinWoot?


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