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This Is A Ground Floor Opportunity That You Don’t Want To Miss!

Not Since Google Adsense Has Something This Big Been Offered
By Google That Can Actually Earn You Serious Money

Making money online is not what it used to be.  It was really kind of easy at one point.  People would set up Adsense ads on their websites (which they get paid when visitors click on those ads) or they would set up an Google Adwords campaign that directed visit300x250[1]ors to affiliate links.

But then Google cracked down on many aspects of these practices and it is getting much more difficult to make money.  And with so much competition it is getting harder by the day.  So when this revolutionary new program was introduced by Google, it completely changed the landscape back to easy money on the internet.

Google has opened up its Helpouts program to enable people who join to get paid for their expertise during a live video chat session. Google handles all the technical details and acts as a liaison between the person looking for help and the helper.

Before You Sign Up Please Keep Reading…

If you were to simply go and sign up (actually you need to be invited), there’s a pretty good chance you would not be accepted. That’s why I implore you to continue reading this article. It will show you how to find the resources that will help you get accepted into Google’s Helpouts program.

What Are Helpouts?

A good place to start is to learn what the Helpouts program entails.
Here is Google’s trailer for the service:

This Is A Serious Game Changer…

For those that jump on this opportunity early, it really is a game changer.  Getting paid to work from home is going to become a much bigger reality for people with this Helpouts program.  You help people out via live video and Google pays you.  It’s as simple as that.

How Much Can I Get Paid?

Once accepted into the program, Google allows helpers to set their own price.  They can also offer services for free.  There can be some great reasons to offer some listings for free as you’ll see.   Google assigns helpers based on a variety of factors.  But one big factor is the amount that a helper makes himself or herself available.  The more you make yourself available, the more Helpouts sessions they will send you.

How you charge the fee is up to you as well.  You can charge by the minute or you can charge in blocks of time chunks starting at 15 minutes then going up in increments.  You can also charge a set fee for the session.

What’s In It For Google?

Simple. Google gets 20% of the fee that is charged by the helper. This is a big motivator for Google to keep this program going.

Is It Easy To Sign Up?

To start the process you will need to ask for an invite. Unfortunately, this process can take several days to as long as a month for Google to accept your invite and give you a code. But there is a way to expedite the process that has 100% success rate! I’ll get more into that later.

Technology Needed for Using Helpouts

There are some technology requirements that you should meet and if you are unable to do so than you probably won’t get accepted into the program. One of the main aspects is you will need broadband connectivity. There are others that will be touched upon with the resource I show you.

How Do You Get Paid?

Google uses Google Wallet to accept payments from people that ask for help on Helpouts. They will then take their 20% cut and give you the rest. You will need a Google Wallet account.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

You will need to know the proper steps to get accepted in the program.  Without this knowledge, there is a very good chance that Google will not accept you.  But I am going to help you out.  There is a incredible training program that virtually guarantees that you will be accepted as well as techniques to increase you pay.  Here are some of the highlights of the training:

  • How To Speed Up The Invitation Process – this one tip could get you accepted immediately after performing it.  You’ll be well on your way to getting helping people and getting paid.  This is way better than waiting two weeks or more.
  • The Exact Technology Components You’ll Need – Google wants to make sure that people requesting help have a wonderful experience to ensure that the program is successful.  Without the proper technology, this cannot happen.  Don’t worry though.  The requirements are neither extensive or expensive (you may already have all you need).
  • Preparing For The Google Interview – When you first create your listing, Google will need to contact you to go over the details.  The training will show you exactly how to set up your listings and what to say during your interview so that you get accepted.
  • Dealing With Google Rejection – Google can reject listings in two ways: one by sending you exactly what you need to change and the other is to simply ignore you and never get back to you.  Obviously, if they don’t tell you how will you know?  That’s covered in the training and making this one small change makes all the difference in not getting ignored.
  • Why It May Be Worth It To Include Free Listings – We all want to get paid.  But knowing this secret can actually help you increase the amount you get paid later.
  • How To Control Your Helpout Session – Learn how to take charge of the Helpout session and keep the talkative people from eating into your time.
  • Extensive Coverage Of How To Make Money With Google Handouts – These guys have been members since its inception and they know how to set it up so that they make the most money with their Google handouts.  They are passing that invaluable information onto you in the training.
  • How To Always Get Perfect 5 Star Reviews – Maintaining great rankings is the key to helping you get more Helpouts given to you by Google.
  • Advanced Money Making Techniques Not Found In Helpouts – How to still make money even when you have free listings, plus many other tips.
  • Plus So Much More…

Why Should You Participate In This Training?

Look, I get it.  There are millions of wild claims of getting rich quick or push this or that button to instant riches.  But this is not that at all.  This is a truly unique, proven training that will enable you to start making money quickly by following the training and doing what it says.

I went through the training and can tell you that there are no stones left unturned.  Everything is shown step-by-step along with real live demonstrations all throughout the course.

You increase your chances of getting accepted into the program as we

ll as drastically increasing your ability to earn money from it.  It is finally time to take advantage of a program that has full potential to work and there has never been a better time to start than right now.  Google is still accepting people into the program but who knows how long that will continue?

Get Started On Your Training Now!

The sooner you start you training the sooner you can implement the techniques so that you will start earning with Google Helpouts.  It’s within your reach.  You only have to click on the button below to find out more about it.  It’s your turn to start earning online!


Good Luck,
Jim Cochrane

P.S. Don’t be left out in the cold. This is one of those rare opportunities to jump on board of something that is still in its early adoption phase. Once others realize the potential in this, they are going to jump on board and the market could get flooded. As an early adopter if you build up your reputation, you will always be ahead of the crowds and will always be given preference because of your proven history. Don’t let this pass you by! Click on the “I Want This” button and get going on it now!