Jobs For Released Criminals

When someone is released from prison, they tend to have very little.  Much of what they owned before (if any) was taken away to pay for legal costs, rent, possibly divorce, etc.  Often, the ex prisoner doesn’t even have a place to live.  They hit up family but that is often a short term solution.

Then there is the task of finding a job for released criminals.  This can seem like a nightmare as most potential employers do background checks on just about everyone these days.  If you have a record of being in prison, there’s a good chance you’re going to be passed right up.

But there are choices and all hope is not lost.  Every state gets grant money to help ex prisoners transition to life outside the system and employment is a big area of funding.  To explore this, it’s necessary to speak with the parole officer as that is a requirement of the program.  But they are often very willing to help you out.  After all, they want to keep you from going back into the system.

Of course, the types of jobs that will be available from the state are typically not very high paying.  This can really make it difficult to find a place of your own to rent as the cost of rent is prohibitive to most making minimum wage.  And the conditions of these types of jobs are not always the most optimal.

So let’s think a bit outside the box.  What if you could find something to start up on your own where you won’t have to work for anyone and you’ll have the potential to earn enough to afford a decent apartment?  Most will snuff at this idea because it usually costs money to start a business and unless you have a decent concept, it will be tough to find capital to fund it.  Sure, the state has loans that they make available to businesses and even grants, but you need a solid concept before even being considered.

The truth is I have methods that you can use that will cost you very little to get started.  In fact, many people can do this completely free when starting out and as they earn income, they can apply it to their business to supercharge the earnings.  This is not only doable it’s done all the time.  It does require a computer and internet access but you can talk to family or friends if you don’t have one yourself or you can simply head to the library.  Libraries offer free computer use and internet access.  Now if you don’t have a computer you may not even be reading this in the first place so hopefully a family member or friend has seen this and passes the information onto you (or let’s you use their computer to see it).

Under the interest of full disclosure, I have to state that there are no guarantees that you will be successful.  It depends on many factors including your willingness to make this work and learning the proper techniques.  Even with those factors there can be no guarantee of any kind of earnings whatsoever.  However, many people have made this work and there is absolutely no reason why anyone cannot make it happen.

If you have been released from prison, you don’t have to settle for low paying, and soul sucking job.  You can create your own opportunity by following the training that I will send you.  It does require work but it is not difficult by any means.  Plus, there is a huge support group of like minded members that are there to help at the start.  You only need to leave your name and a valid email address in the form below.  Please note: without a valid email we have no way to send you the state-of-the-art training that can essentially change your life.  So please give us your best and most used email address.



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