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If you have been on the internet for any length of time, you will likely have come across survey companies telling you about their money making surveys online.  Are they legit?

clipboardI’ve seen plenty of claims from these companies stating that you can get paid up to $75 per hour filling out surveys.  Sounds like great money, right?  But what’s the catch?  Can you really make $75 per hour filling out surveys online?  Is it safe to answer the questions?

Is It Legitimate?

I have worked with survey companies in the past and can tell you, on the whole, they are quite legitimate.  The reason they exist is for the benefit of companies that want to find out more information about buyers.  Will explore the pros and cons of the companies in the aggregate but if you sign up with them you can rest assured that they will deliver on what they promise.

What Do They Promise?

There is a plethora of things that survey companies promise.  They often entice you to sign up by telling you that you can get paid (and even “earn a living”) from doing surveys.  But then when you get to the member area, you quickly find that the jobs they are giving you are fairly low pay and it’s going to take an awful lot of them to come anywhere near earning a living.

But in many cases, there is actually a legitimate reason why they don’t offer high paying surveys when you first start out.  They want to develop a trust with you that you will not only participate frequently, but that you will also answer the questions honestly.  The major companies have coded surveys to determine who is answering the questions honestly.

Some Companies Use Bait And Switch Tactics

There are still other companies that will sell you on making all this money with no intention of ever delivering.  And the problem is, you won’t discover until many surveys later that your jobs are not getting any better.  Many of these companies will let you build up points toward rewards but those rewards are seldom for cash.  The prizes are usually nothing you’d ever want or it may be for coupons off.  But the point-to-cashout ratio is usually astronomically high.  And even if you do come across one or two high paying surveys from these companies, you have to invest about an hour or more of your time.

Will I Get Rich From Surveys?

You probably will not get rich from filling out surveys, but you can get paid.  And if you do them long enough, the payouts get better and better.  But it can be a crap shoot, as mentioned above, with some of the companies and is very frustrating when you finally come to the realization that a particular company has been stringing you along.

Is My Information Safe?

This is a big concern among survey takers and is probably quite a valid one.  You are relying on the survey companies to make sure your information is not going to get into the wrong hands.  It’s probably not a bad idea to contact the companies and ask them what they do with the data.  Are they selling your name to certain companies after you answer questions that make you seem like an ideal customer to those companies?  Or hopefully, it’s more about aggregate demographics, i.e., Hispanic males between the ages of 25 and 35 tend to answer X when asked about Y etc. that are being sold.  This concern has led some people from stopping working with survey companies.

Is It Right For Me?

In the end, only you can answer that.  It can’t hurt to sign up with a couple of these companies, research forums to see if you can get some intel on other peoples’ experiences, and then try some surveys out to see 1) how long they take and 2) how much they pay.  You can then rate the companies based on your own ratio of pay to time spent, etc.  Forums should be able to give you a pretty decent background as to which companies are the best, and so on.

Better Ways To Make Money

I am not here to knock online survey companies or even the concept.  I do present the information in a manner to give you some insight in case you are considering giving it a go.  I have made some money in the past so it would be hypocritical for passing them off as a negative entity.  But I have to say there is a better way to earn cash.  It takes longer to get the pieces in place in order to make it happen.  But once it’s in place, it is something that can earn money passively.


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