How to Start Your Own Affiliate Program

If you've been wondering why and how to start your own affiliate program, you're in luck. These questions will be answer here. I'll also show you where you can go to get started with your affiliate program. Don't worry, it's easy!

How to Start Your Own Affiliate Program

What Is an Affiliate Program?

When a vendor offers an affiliate program, it enables the company to increase sales of its products or services. Affiliates are companies or individuals who sell on behalf of the vendor, but are not employees of the vendor. In return, affiliates receive a commission for sales generated.

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The most typical arrangement for an affiliate program is selling via a website. In other words, when someone wants to sell certain products or services on their website, but they don't want to carry any inventory or worry about payments and order processing, signing up as an affiliate makes sense. They can sell without all the hassle.

Why Should You Start One?

From the point of view of the vendors, they can increase sales without adding to their sales payrolls. They set up an affiliate program and recruit affiliates. They assign these affiliates an identifier, usually called an affiliate id.

The affiliates include that affiliate id somehow on their websites, usually in a form of a link or banners. When visitors click on those links (or banners), the affiliate id is transferred to the vendors. This lets the vendor know which affiliate sent traffic to the website. When the visitors make a purchase, that affiliate is credited with the sale and receives a commission.

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Want to Learn How to Affiliate Marketing?

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How Much Can You Make?

How Much

The amount you can make as a vendor depends on several factors. The first is how strong are sales of your products. The abilities of affiliates need to be considered as well. If you have affiliates that don't sell, you won't make money. 

You should also consider the commission you offer to affiliates. Set it too low and you won't attract quality affiliates. If you set it too high, you won't make much for the sales generated from the affiliates.

There are occasions where setting a high commission rate can be used as a strategy to bring in new customers to your business. Also, when you set a high commission rate and high-quality affiliates join your program due to these high commissions, you'll do well with volume. These high-quality affiliates are good for a reason.

How to Start Your Own Affiliate Program

As mentioned, you'll need a way of tracking the activity of your affiliates. Otherwise, you won't know which ones brought traffic to your website. It will become a logistical nightmare as you'll receive irate inquires from these affiliates. They are also going to want an accounting of their statistics on the platform. They'll use this to improve their campaigns.

For instance, if they are getting many impressions but no clicks, or many clicks with no sales, they can take steps to tweak their methods. This helps you as much as it helps them.

You could try to set all this up yourself. But, it would require knowing about web and database programming. You'd need to set up a database and then figure out web requests from the traffic you receive. Then, you'd have to associate the requests with the proper affiliates. You'll also need to program a dashboard for your affiliates so they can track the campaigns in your system. Again, this is how the high-quality affiliates improve their campaigns to start generating sales for you.

Starting Gate

As you can see, this infrastructure of databases and affiliate id's would be complicated to set up. If you have an IT department and have the budget for this effort, then you're probably good to go. But, it's likely to cost you much more than solutions that already exist in the market.

What if you knew about a turnkey solution that could give you all the functionality you need without ever having to worry about programming or databases, or anything like that? 

What if you could have a platform where your affiliates could easily track their statistics, which would help them improve their campaigns? This means more sales for you!

Customers are increasing their sales with one particular platform (more below). In fact, some customers are no longer using Google Adwords (paid advertising) to generate sales. The sales are stronger with the affiliate program.

What if you can improve your results in Google since the links you give your affiliates are SEO friendly?

Next Steps...

Please note: the owner of this website receives a commission for any sales generated through the links and banners on this website! It does not add to the cost of the purchase in any way.

Lightbulb with Dollar Sign

If you would rather focus on the aspects of your business than fool around with trying to implement the software needed to start an affiliate program, then you need to sign up for this offer. OSI Affiliate is the right platform for the job. You can try it out for 15 days. 

The pricing is reasonable, too. For instance, for 200 affiliates, after the 15 day trial, it would cost you $47 per month. That's not $47 per affiliate. That's $47 for 200 affiliates. That calculates to 23.5 cents per affiliate per month. That's less than a quarter per affiliate.

Do you think your affiliates can earn more than 23.5 cents per month? There will be affiliates that won't produce anything for you. But, there will also be affiliates who are powerhouses and will generate signicantly more than you could ever imagine. You get to control who becomes an affiliate, too.

To illustrate how much you could make, suppose you have a product that sells for $150. Also, suppose you offer a commission rate of 50% to attract high-quality affiliates. If you have 200 affiliates and 5 of them generate $5,000 in sales, you will earn $2,500. Even if 195 affiliates are duds, you'll still be generating far more than you pay for the platform. Your only cost (aside from normal production costs) is $47 for that $2,500 in sales. Even if your production costs are $1250 for those sales, that still represents a 2600% return on your money.

Oh! One other important point - OSI Affiliate will advertise your program to its network, i.e., they will promote your affiliate program. This is included in the cost of the program.

If you want the potential to increase your sales signifantly you should consider creating an affiliate program. OSI Affiliate is the right program for you to make this happen! Happy Sales Increases to You!

Please note: the owner of this website receives a commission for any sales generated through the links and banners on this website! It does not add to the cost of the purchase in any way.

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