Sunday Evening Anxiety

You savor your weekends but know that they go too quickly. Then in the blink of an eye, Sunday evening rolls in.

Question: Do you ever get anxious when that happens?

Sunday evening anxiety is a very common affliction for many people. It occurs because of stress at work, especially when things are not going very well for you in your job. Or perhaps you just don't feel the magic in your career anymore. There are ways to never get that feeling again however. That's what this article is about.​

It's Friday afternoon and you have big plans for the weekend. Perhaps you'll start it as you often do, with some drinks at the bar near the office. Then you head on home and both you and your spouse are excited by the fact that you have the whole weekend ahead of you.

​Next morning, you wake up and begin the executing the plans that both of you have been looking forward to. Perhaps it's apple picking with the kids, or a fall festival or two. Or maybe you are going to make cleaning up the leaves a family event. Anyway, the day's events are full and you and your spouse couldn't be happier. The family heads on home and prepares for dinner.

Sunday morning rolls around and you are relaxing with a cup of coffee and the paper. The whole family is with you in the living room. The morning is about just hanging out and enjoying. But the day is full of other plans that were part of the weekend events. After which, it becomes Sunday evening.

The kids are doing their homework, your spouse is preparing for dinner and your thoughts are now focused on the stress that is going to occur when you head into the office the next day. You can't take your mind off that project that is overdue and how your boss is going to hammering you to get it complete. But with budget cuts and staffing problems, you feel as though you are getting the shaft. Your the one that is taking the brunt of the stress but the company isn't giving you the resources you need to complete projects on time anymore.

Is This Scenario Familiar to You?

If you related to this story in anyway, then you will want to continue reading this post. You have a few choice to get out yourself out of this situation. The are as follows:

  • Keep Working at Same Job (Not Recommended)
  • Find a New Job (Not an Easy Thing to Do These Days)
  • Start Your Own Business

Keep Working at the Same Job

This is certainly the safest method (unless you get cut). But it will not change the situation you are currently in and that's not good. The best part of what I am going to show you (see below) is that you can continue ​working in your job while helping yourself get out of this situation. How cool is that?

Find a New Job

This will certainly help in the short term but over time, there's no telling if you will be placed in a similar situation with the new job. Or it could be worse than the one you're currently in. Besides, if you have tried to get a job in the past several years, you know that it's not such an easy proposition. Jobs just aren't as plentiful as they used to be and if you can find one, it certainly doesn't pay what it should.

Start Your Own Business

Before the internet, this was something that was very difficult to do. You had to have enough capital to get started and then you had to build the business and run it. People that did this, loved the fact that they were working for themselves but it was no picnic.

The internet is the great equalizer. You can now start a business doing exactly what you love and make a decent amount of money. But people that take this route often go about it the wrong way. They search online for programs that claim can help them make millions of dollars in a short amount of time. The solution I have for you requires some work and is going to take a bit of time to gain traction. But the good news is that you can start all while continuing your current job.

So Which Kind of Business Do You Choose?

There are tons of businesses that can be created online. You could open up an ecommerce store, find some products and start selling. Or you could sell stuff on eBay. People do make money doing these kinds of businesses but to be honest the learning curve is high and it requires some initial cash to get it going.

One business model that is getting a lot of attention these days is known as affiliate marketing. This allows to sell products and services from major brand companies like WalMart and Amazon but you don't have to handle the order processing or fulfillment details. It's a great way to start a business and can be quite lucrative when done properly.

Learning To Do It Right

When people start an affiliate business, they often get it wrong. That's because they don't know what to do. While the dynamics of the business are not difficult, there are certain techniques that need to be learned and implemented in order to make it work correctly.

When I first started, I was in that situation. I tried anything and everything. I managed to get my Google Adwords account banned and one of my websites was blacklisted on Google. If only I had learned about the resource I use now, back then.

Wealthy Affiliate University

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