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What Is a Side Hustle?

Side Hustles on Street Sign

The fact that you are on this website indicates you are looking for ways to get paid. If you have been looking for some time, you probably have heard of the term ‘side hustle’. But, what is a side hustle?You can figure out that it is somehow has to do with part-time work. It’s a […]

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How About a $70,000 Minimum Wage?

$70,0000 Minimum Wage

With all the talk about minimum wage being set at $15 per hour, how about a $70,000 minimum wage?This isn’t a commentary about whether companies should be required to pay a minimum of $70,000 per year per employee. It’s about an actually company, Gravity Payments whose CEO took a massive pay cut to equalize pay […]

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When Was Your Last Raise At Work?

A common complaint these days is that workers are not getting raises anymore, or if they are they are rather skimpy, to say the least.  And bonuses seem like a thing of the past.  But the cost of living has risen, in spite of what governments are trying to trick people into believing (they don’t […]

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