What Makes A Job Undesirable?

I am sure people reading this will have differing opinions about what makes a job undesirable.  But I’d like to suggest that an undesirable job is one where when you are at your workplace you spend a good portion daydreaming about what you’d really like to be doing.  I mean, if you really liked your job, this would not happen as frequently, maybe not at all.

Let’s face it.  We all have aspects of a job we just don’t like to do.  Whether it is filling out paperwork that seems totally unnecessary or talking on the phone to disgruntled customers, these are just a part of a job that you have to face.  But if you like other aspects of your job and there’s more of those than the things you don’t like, then this is not really what I am referring to as an undesirable job.

Rather Be Doing Something Else

What I am talking about is that pretty much every aspect of what you do you’d much rather be doing something else and that’s where the daydreaming comes in.  In fact, it is believed that what you are daydreaming about is probably what it is you should be doing.

It’s a tougher situation today because there are less jobs available then there were in the future.  So if you are getting a decent paycheck (or if not decent at least it’s steady) then you tend to buck up and deal with the job, as undesirable as it may be.

You Just Need The Right Tools

But it’s all unnecessary.  If you have the right tools, you can escape the madness of drudging through your daily grind.  You can actually do something that you get totally stoked about and the daydreaming becomes a thing of the past.

Just because there are few traditional jobs available doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to create your own opportunities.  But you need to have the right tools to make it happen.  So what are these opportunities that I speak of?  The internet has given us the ability to level the playing field and is the greatest wealth creator in my opinion.  Think about it.  Suppose you know how to create logos.  You could easily find someone online that is in need of a logo.  There are always people looking for the services of others.

It’s Important Not To SPAM People

You don’t want to just start throwing out emails and see what sticks however.   For one thing, it’s called SPAM and it could get you banned from your service provider, or worse, in trouble with the law.  Second, it doesn’t work.  It has become one of the least effective ways to reach people.  This is because people have become much more sophisticated in their recognition of sales like emails.  They often use email decoys, meaning they have an email specifically on their website and anyone that tries to contact them with that email they know it is a sales pitch.  So forget cold emailing.

State-Of-The-Art Training Available Free!

Instead, I can give you access to state-of-the-art training that will show you how to reach out to people that will actually be willing to sign up for what you are offering them.  When you implement the methods of the training, you have the potential of having people contact you instead of the other way around.  And you have to admit, that’s a much better position to be in.

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