Earn Money Working Home

Is it really possible to earn money working home? You are going to be pleased to learn that it is possible. Extremely possible!

This article is going to change the way you think about working from home using the internet. The reason most people fail is due to lack of information and experience. The knowledge you need is available online but so are the scams. I am going to show you how to pick the right kind of program to catapult your ability to create a job killing income.

Can You Learn Everything on Your Own?

I believe the number one mistake people make is to try to create their online empires by winging it. Learn as you go, people think. ​This is not a good idea and you will end up spending a lot money on crappy programs that don't teach you the correct methods.

Or worse, they teach you unethical techniques that can get you banned or in trouble with the law.

Why Do I Say This?

I tried to learn everything on my own years ago. After flailing around trying all kinds of crazy nonsense, I landed up with no sales and no real business model with which to work with. All I had to show for my efforts were a bunch of lousy websites that ended up penalized from the search engines.

I needed a better way to operate.

What really turned things around for me was when I came across a community that teaches people who to set up online businesses. But they go way beyond simply teaching people - they help and mentor you every step of the way. That truly gave me the confidence and the methods that has helped me tremendously. The community is none other than Wealthy Affiliate.

Some Ways to Earn Cash Working at Home​

There are a ton of different business models when you want to work at home. But there are also many scams that you should be aware of and avoid. The following is a brief​ list of some of the ways that you can earn from an online business.

  • Affiliate Business
  • Physical Product Websites
  • Digital Products Website
  • Amazon FBA
  • Other eCommerce solutions like eBay, Etsy, or TeeSpring
  • Self Publishing
  • Membership Websites
  • Content Creation for Blogs

As already stated this is by no means a complete list of ways that you can get paid. In fact, as of this writing I am close to completing a book that I plan on publishing a book on Amazon that goes into much greater detail about many of the programs that exist online. The list in this book will be much bigger than the one above and will go into much more detail.

If you'd like to be notified when the book is complete simply leave your name and a valid email in the form to the right.​

Affiliate Business

This is also referred to as affiliate marketing. With this kind of business model, you are paid to sell other peoples' products. The great thing about this kind of business is you don't have to take on any inventory or set up shopping carts, and payment processors. The vendors take care of all that housekeeping for you.

The way it works a vendor (like WalMart, Amazon, etc.) gives you a set of links and banners that are coded with a special identifier, called an affiliate code. This code is associated with you and is how they recognize ​where the traffic is coming from.

I have compiled a list of resources for you to check out to learn more about implementing an affiliate business. Use the following to see those resources (opens new window):


Physical Product Website

If you have a supply of physical products, than this could be a good business for you. You'll need to set up an eCommerce website which contains a shopping cart and payment processor and you'll need to set up all of the products that you want to sell within the shopping cart. Also, you will be responsible for distribution of the products, plus any returns that may occur.

This is one of the most labor intensive of the earning money from home but it gives you the most control.​

​Digital Products Website

This is an easier solution than a physical products because for the most part, there is no shipping that needs to be accounted for. People shop for a digital product, pay for it and you send them off to an area on your website (or the cloud) to download that product. If you have many of these products, your customers may find it easier if you implemented a shopping cart but often this is not necessary. You will need some kind of payment processor but many people opt for PayPal for this.

Keep in mind that you don't need to create your own products to make this work. You can find others that are willing to pay you a commission on the sale or you can outsource the creation of the products. Just make sure that whatever you do, the products are high quality. For this reason, I would use caution in selling Private Label Rights products as many of them are substandard. If you decide to sell these, it's important that you change them so they aren't the same that everyone else is passing off as original products. Add value and you could make this work.

Another option is to create the products to be sold on ClickBank. The advantage here is that they handle the order processing for you. You are responsible for delivering the product after the sale but that is relatively easy to do.

Amazon FBA

If you have physical products that you would like to sell but don't want to worry about the warehousing, selling, and distribution, consider using Fulfillment by Amazon program. You sign up for the program and then send your products to Amazon's warehouse (there are many throughout the world). You also include the shipping supplies. And then they take care of everything else. The handle the orders and any returns that may occur. The payments and shipping is also handled through Amazon's system.

Note: if you sell your product for $35 or more, the shipping to your customer is free.

​Other Services (eBay, Etsy, TeeSpring)

There are other web properties that give you the ability to set up online stores directly within their platforms. These include eBay, Etsy, and TeeSpring. These aren't the only ones but they tend to be the biggest.​

eBay has fallen out of favor ever since the online auction craze has died down. But they still can ​a viable way to sell your products. Before you use them, check to see that what you are planning to list with them actually has sold in the past. You'll need an account for that but if you are going to use them to sell, you'd need it anyway.

To figure out whether your product has sold on eBay, log in to your eBay account (or sign up if you haven't already) and do a search on your product. Then, check off the Completed Items checkbox. This will show you all the items that have been listed. The ones shown in green are the ones that actually sold. This can give you an indication of the strength of a particular product and at what the average price it sold for.

Etsy is a great site for people who sell arts and crafts. If your stuff is good, you can do really well on this website.​

TeeSpring is a website where you can sell T-Shirts with a design that you upload to them. I have not done anything with this website but I know of people that are doing quite well with it. If you have some good designs that you would like to sell, take a look at TeeSpring. An alternative is CafePress. They sell more than just T-Shirts though.​

Self Publishing

The publishing business used to be very difficult to break into. You needed a publisher but actually could not work directly with the publisher. So you needed an agent. You would need several copies of your book for them (and you) to market the books and that added up to several thousands of dollars. Even after you had everything I just mentioned, that did not guarantee you would make any money. The royalties on books were quite minimal for authors and often new writers would not get movie rights if the book did sell well.

It's not actually until you get a name for yourself (think James Patterson, etc.) that you could actually negotiate better deals. Once a writer becomes established, he or she can join various writer's unions who will negotiate on their behalf. Until then, authors are on their own.

In the not too distant path, there were independent authors (indies) but they were looked upon as the black sheep of the ​industry. They were laughed at and mocked and publisher simply brushed them aside. All this continued until Amazon entered the picture.

When the Kindle was released, Amazon decided to let anyone who was willing to publish. This one move literally turned the publishing business upside down. Publishers were (and still are) scrambling. It is now possible for anyone to make a decent living (and then some) by publishing your books.

Now there's more to it than simply throwing up a few books and hoping that they skyrocket to bestseller. But it is certainly within the realm of possibility that your books can do well, even if they never make it to bestseller status. If you create several books and market them correctly, you can make a nice passive and residual income. People are doing it and continue to do so.

The dynamics of publishing are beyond the scope of this article. But you can certainly get plenty of information about it online (start with Amazon). The hardest part actually is getting started. Once you publish that first book, it gets easier from there.

You don't need to stop at books when it comes to self publishing. You could also create your own magazine. Amazon allows anyone to sell magazines and you can further branch out to sell on iTunes. You will need to be disciplined in publishing on a schedule unless you choose a duration of one year. Most magazines tend to do better when published monthly. Again, the dynamics of publishing a magazine a beyond the scope of this article.​


Creating a membership is one heck of a way to earning a passive income online. The key is to make sure the content that you are including in your membership is top notch. But the best part of this business model is you can use your proceeds from the membership to get others to create your membership materials. This gives you the ability to have several people working at the same time which feeds the membership with great content.

The hardest part about this business is convincing people to join. People don't like to make a long term commitment unless they trust it. For this reason, it's usually a good idea to offer a trial membership either for free or for a very small amount.​

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This is such an interesting article. I have been looking for ways to earn money online but there is so much untrustworthy information. Is this something that can really work? Or is it just more pie-in-the-sky? I am at my wits end with all of these so called make money online programs. Please help if you can.


Hey Dana,
I totally get your frustration. There is a bunch of nonsense programs on the internet, or worse, outright scams. It’s hard to know what is real and who is simply trying to get you to part with your hard-earned cash. The programs I cover are legitimate unless otherwise specified (ones you should avoid, in other words). The programs that I review that are good – many of them don’t cost any money so you can join them worry free. You can also contact me any time (contact form) and ask questions if you are stuck.
Hope this helps!


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