The Time to Start Promoting Christmas is Now

Did you miss promoting the 2014 Christmas season?

You probably kept thinking that you had plenty of time.

Then came November and you were scrambling to put up some promotions.

But it was too late. This scenario happens over and over again. So here is an interesting idea. Start on your Christmas promotions now. It's the end of February 2015 as I write this.

Why Think About Christmas Promotions Now?

There are several reason why you should consider promotion for Christmas now. The first is that you will be indexed in the search engines well in time for the season. Second, you will have more pages or posts than your competitors (who will be scrambling instead of you). And third, you won't have to rush when the season comes.

This is the way people should handle all of the seasons that they promote for. If you are months ahead then you will also be ahead of the competition. That's because few people think to create campaigns way in advance of the season.

It's actually never really too late to promote Christmas or any season unless you are targeting a specific time frame, like a year or a month. If you promote seasons in general and you are late one year, than it will be ready for the next year. But I personally like to start promoting in advance because I can adjust as the year progresses.

Give Yourself at Least Six Months

Start promoting six months in advance or even longer. Sometimes if I miss out on a season, the day after is when I will start my promotions for the next year. This makes sure that you are good and ready when the season approaches. And it's no secret that those seasons get here well before we expect them to.

Another Method

One method that you can do is offer after season sales. This is something that many promoters overlook. This makes them especially lucrative due to the lack of competition.‚Äč But take it a step further by offering quarterly sales. This is helpful for email lists that are specific to the holiday. If you only email them when the holiday is upon us, they will forget about your list and why they signed up in the first place. This one factor increases unsubscribe rates. By keeping them current, you reduce that risk.

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