Get Paid to be on a Mock Jury

The postal carrier delivers that dreaded jury duty notice. It couldn't happen at a worst time as you are up to your ears in alligators at work. But what if you could get cash for participating in a trial as a juror in the comforts of your own home, and get paid to do it?

How a Mock Jury Works

You request a list of cases for your area (assuming they are available). The mock jury service sends you documents that are relevant to the case and you review them. Then you enter your verdict about how you feel the case should go. That's it. You get paid on that verdict.

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Why Mock Juries Exist

Mock juries are used by lawyers to see how to best structure their case. They help the lawyers see how a number of people will react given the information of the case. It's almost like helping them see the future. It's very similar to a focus group but for legal cases.​

Video on Getting Paid to Be a Mock Juror

The following video will describe the concept on how to get paid as a mock juror! You'll get a better idea what's involved by watching!

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How Much Will You Get Paid

Much of it depends on the availability of cases (based on your geographic area) and the complexity of the case. The truth be told you won't get rich being an online juror. But it can be a great way to help you pay for some of your expenses for say, an online business.​

To be honest, I am not sure why it's dependent on your geographic area since the service exists online, but you'll have to check with each of the services and read through what qualifications. Obviously, the more dense your geographic area is the more opportunities will come up for you.​

There are high-paying mock jury situations. However, these usually require you to be part of a live mock trial. This means you would need to travel to wherever the mock trial is being held and sit through the trial itself. Still, this can pay at least $150. Remember, you get to decide whether you want to participate.

Note: Be wary of claims stating you'll make thousands of dollars as an online mock juror. Although I do suggest joining several so that you have access to (listed below). However, even joining multiple sites won't necessarily guarantee that you'll get many jobs. This type of work isn't meant as full time income. Remember, lawyers are looking to match as closely as possible people who may serve on the case they are working. There could be many reasons for selection (or not). The high-dollar amounts are usually click-bait to get you to click with the intent of selling you something. 

Are Mock Juries Legit?

You may be wondering whether mock juries are legit. For the most part, they are. Be cautious if you find offers for listings of mock jury websites for a fee. The list below is available for you at no charge whatsover.

I initially published this article in 2015. In revisiting the article, I have noticed that some of the links from the original post are no longer valid. These have been removed or replaced. Depending on interest from my readers, if I see this page getting enough hits, I will continue to update the list.

Don't Depend on Income from Mock Juries

It's never a good idea to depend on any single source of income. Even if you are able to make decent money with mock juries, technology changes as do lawyers' needs. A recent article from Precise, shows how software can be used to help lawyers with jury decisions and selection. 

Precise offers a product called Predict that they claim can do the job of mock juries much better, without the need for too many mock jurors. It uses statistical analysis to determine outcomes of trials.

Artificial intelligence is a growing field that is used increasingly by the legal field. Mock juries could easily replace the need for mock jurors (or drastically reduce that need!) 

The moral of the story is don't put your eggs in one basket!

How to Get Started

​The following is a list of ejury sites that were valid at the time of this writing. Obviously, websites come and go and we have no control of that. It's best to do your own search to find more sites. Simply search on "mock jury" or something similar.

Sign Up For Several Mock Jury Sites

The number of cases you get will depend on many things not least of which will be the number of cases that are actually available. If you sign up for only one of the websites and they only send you a few cases, you will not be maximizing your opportunities. You want to sign up to many of the sites (perhaps even all of them). And also make sure you search online for more that may have been added.

Next Steps...

If you find this idea of becoming a mock juror interesting, then use the above websites to sign up. As stated, sign up for as many as you can as it will increase the opportunities you get. Also as stated, don't depend on this for steady income. It's just an interesting way to generate some extra income, in most cases from the comfort of your own home.

What If You Want a Way to Generate Steady Income?

To do this, you'll need to create a foundation. You need a solid online business that you start from the ground up and you put your heart into it. That's is the cornerstone of business. The good news is you can learn how to do this easily and with my help. Create a business that you love and that has the best potential to earn you money. You won't even need to quit your full-time job, although the income that's possible will give you the option to quit if you so desire.


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Hi Jim

This would not only benefit those who are looking for source of income but also useful for those who want to enter the legal profession, as this will give experience for them and get paid at the same time. It is a win -win situation. It seems to be s promising  to earn some pocket money, which could be useful for people to earn money.  

The problem is most people in general never get called up to jury service, and for the curious this will be the next best thing. I bet some people will do this for this reason and not for the money.

It seems very interesting and I may have to look into this.




Hi Jim!
Very interesting post! I haven’t heard of mock juries before and it was quite surprised about it. And the first doubt I had was if they were actually legit, which you answered later in your article. 

The judicial system in my country works differently, so I don’t think there are any mock juries here. Actually, there are no juries in most cases. 




Hey Mariana, thanks for the comment. Yeah, it’s an interesting concept, to say the least. It is legit and our lawyers use it. Although, with AI taking form, it probably won’t last. Best Regards, Jim


Hey Antonio, thanks for your comment. I agree that people will do it for the curiosity factor as well as the money. I haven’t tried it myself, but maybe as a case study for a future article? Something to think about. Best Regards, Jim


As I was reading through your article, i am like “is this for real”?:) I never heard such before so this is something new to me. Good to know though that such mock jury exist! Thanks for sharing. I was at first like “why would they ask other people”, then I came to realize just like what you have mentioned that it will help the lawyers to structure their case and how people react to a given case. It’s a good useful point of view.

I appreciate that you have mentioned up front that you’ll not get rich doing mock jury and to not depend on this income. 


Hey Gillian, thanks for your comment. Yeah, I agree that this is a strange concept at first. It will be interesting if people can still get paid to be a mock juror when AI goes mainstream, which seems to be already happening. You are correct that it isn’t something you’ll make a lot of money with.
Best Regards,


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