Getting Paid to Display Adsense Ads

Google has an advertising program called Adsense that allows you to display ads you your website. When a visitor clicks on any of those ads, you get paid from Google. How much depends on many factors.

Does Adsense Still Work?

This is obviously something you want to know about before you go plastering a bunch of ads on your website (which you really should not do by the way). The short answer is Adsense can and does make people money. You have to be smart about how and where you place those ads.

The content on your website should offer some real value. Google has become quite good at recognizing the message you are giving your readers and will start to display ads that are relevant to that content. The better you are at serving great content, the better Google becomes at serving relevant ads.

Ad Blindness

Many people don't even notice advertising when they visit websites anymore. This is a concept known as ad blindness and it is crippling people who use it to make money on their websites. The good news is it's not entirely true. People subconsciously see those ads and if it fits within something they are searching for, they will click the ads.

How to Become an Adsense Advertiser

You will need to apply to Google which you can find out more about here.​ You will need a website, preferably one that has been established for a month or two. You'll need to have some content already existing on the site that you have written yourself or you had a ghost writer do it for you. The one thing you don't want to do is copy content from somewhere else. You probably won't be approved if you take that route.

One major thing that you MUST do is to follow Google's terms of service. I won't go into every aspect here but some of the highlights to pay attention to are:​

  • Never Click Your Own Ads
  • Do Not Ask People You Know to Click Your Ads
  • You are Not Allowed To Offer Incentives to Click Ads
  • You Cannot Send Paid Traffic, i.e., PPC to Pages That Contain Adsense
  • ​Google Does Not Allow Adsense Ads to Be Displayed on Sin Sites, i.e., Porn, Gambling, etc.
  • Make Sure You Have and Appropriate Privacy Policy Displayed on the Page
There are other guidelines that you must make sure you adhere to. Failure to do so will (not may) get you banned. Once banned, it is extremely difficult to get your account unbanned. You are only allowed one account so if you get banned it's game over.

Adsense Templates

There's a lot of junk and noise on the internet. One of the biggest are those Adsense template websites that get passed around, stating that if you build your website using one of these templates the money is going to start pouring in. Sounds great, right? Trouble is, Google hates these sites and will blacklist you and possibly even ban you if you are caught setting up your website using these templates. Don't do it. First of all, there are thousands of these sitting around (making 0 dollars) on the internet. And second, Google will likely flag the site for having duplicate content.​

Best Practices

One of the techniques that I have rather effective, at least at the time of this writing, is to send teaser emails to your newsletter list. Within the teaser you send them to your website that contains the good, quality content and include Adsense ads on it. Because your list has warmed up to you, they will tend to click through ads on your website.

The biggest advice I can give you with respect to Adsense is to always play by the rules and make sure the pages that contain the ads are high quality. Also, don't depend solely on Adsense for your income.

Another technique that people like to use is to spread the wealth so to speak. Instead of trying to make a lot of money on one website, concentrate on making a little each across many websites. These don't even have to be websites that you own. You can participate in Adsense on and as well as revenue sharing sites like The more of these that you include your Adsense code, the higher the chance that you will make money as a part of a network of websites. The downside is this takes a lot to manage but you could always spread out the work to virtual assistants.​

Adsense can still be profitable as long as you follow the information provided in this article. You have to realize that the game can always change unexpectedly and sites that were making money can all of sudden just dry up. That's why have a portfolio of websites earning can help as well as having other money making strategies to diversify in case something does happen.

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