Get Paid To Read Emails

Did you know that you can actually get paid reading emails that are sent to you?  To be honest, in most cases you don't even need to read them.  You really just need to open them.

Who Pays?

This has to do with advertising.  Companies will send you emails that you open and your account gets credited after reading (opening) the email.  Typically, these companies pay a small amount of cash for you to open these emails so you really shouldn't expect to get rich with this.  But we'll explore in this article how to maximize your gains so that you can actually earn a decent amount.

​But there are other ways to get cash from these types of companies, include surveys, playing games, and a whole bunch of other stuff. These types of activities pay more than opening emails but the requirements are a bit more involved.  We'll explore this, as well as pitfalls to be aware of.

What Are the Companies?

You could easily find these companies by typing in the term "paid emails".  But there are some really bad companies out there, so you really want to stick with the ones that are trusted.  I have broken this down into two categories, the ones that are good and the ones that are okay.  I won't necessarily list any scams in this article but I will describe how to spot them.

The following are the top programs that pay you to read (open) your emails.  Note: the total of the bonuses below give you an immediate $25.  Not bad for reading just one blog post, no?​

Sites That No Longer Work or Other Such Problems

Can I Have Multiple Memberships in Each Program?

For obvious reasons, the answer is no.  If they allowed that, people would sign up for hundreds, if not thousands of accounts, just to get the bonus.  Usually, there is only one account per household (not per person).  If you try to get around this by using different IP address, and other such tricks, the companies will more than likely ban you.

Firewalls and Internet Security

One thing you have to remember with emails that get sent.  In order to get credit for them you need to open them (confirm) in your web browser.  Several security firewall programs may flag those websites as being malicious.  That doesn't mean the programs that send you the paid emails are scams. It's just that they have a lot of companies that they advertise through.  I have seen plenty of legitimate companies get flagged by my firewall software.  They are tend to be more cautious (rightfully so) than often is necessary.  Still, you need to take this in consideration when you participate in these types of programs.


These programs are not meant to make people rich, at least certainly not quickly.  Two cents per email opened seems like a rather measly amount.  But remember that two cents is for email that is opened.  You don't even have to read it.  But what if you were paid for others opening their email as well?  If you had 100 people on just one of the valid programs listed ​above, and there is usually an average of two emails per day, that's approximately $2 for doing absolutely nothing. 

And 100 people is not that difficult to get.  Suppose you were able to get 1000 or 2500.  Again, those numbers are not beyond the realm of possibilities.  After all, there is no cost to sign up and most of the programs offer a five dollar bonus.  That's a pretty easy sell in many cases.  You can see how this can quickly add up.  And the example I gave is only for one of the programs.  Imagine if you did 10.  Remember, all that cash is with no effort on your part once they sign up.  It's totally passive income.

Do All The Referrals Participate?

Just like anything in life, there are going to be referrals that sign up and do nothing with this.  They think that they are going to sign up and quickly turn around and grab the five dollar bonus.  But most of these programs have a minimum payout that is higher than the $5.00.  That's to protect people from doing exactly what I mentioned.

And these companies require you to confirm your email.  They need to know that the mails they send are going to get through plus they want to make sure that you agree it's not SPAM.  So you will get a fair number of referrals that never confirm their emails.​

Other Activities That Make You Cash

Many of the companies listed above, have other ways for members to make money with them.  The following are some typical activities that are included that you will get credited cash to your account when you (or your referral) participates in them:





Offers & Shopping

Enter your text here....

Each provider will have their own set of services.  I have seen that InboxDollars is pretty comprehensive.  Others will have less.  I haven't seen too many that have more.

How To Spot Scams

​When you are searching for other opportunities within this genre, you will want to look for the following warning signs:

  • Any company that requires payment for you to join.  Even the legitimate companies will likely have upgrade options but they should never require you to pay to join.  It's advertising after all.
  • They require you to perform tasks that are sketchy or even likely to get you into trouble.  If they ask you to send emails out (SPAM) this is something that should be avoided.
  • They require you to sign other people up before they will pay you your earnings.

The old adage, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is applies here.  Use common sense and make sure you understand the terms on how you are going to make money.

Is It Worth It?

No one can really answer getting paid to read emails is truly worth it but you.  You probably won't retire with this type of program but if you are aggressive and are able to get many active members across the different services, you can make a nice chunk of change.  Maybe it won't pay all of your bills but it may add up eventually to say, pay the mortgage.​

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