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If you love to travel, this is going to be the most important and exciting article you have read regarding your travel endeavors. You see, there are ways to get paid to travel or at the very least, have others pay all your travel expenses.

Who Pays?

There are many companies that will pay including hotels, limo companies, airlines, car rental companies, countries, newspapers, magazines, etc.  All of these entities have travel budgets that actually increase during times of recession.  That makes sense when you think about it.  They know that people are going to travel less if they lose their jobs.  So they need to become aggressive and figure out ways to get them less concerned about going on vacation.

Why Would They Do This?

Newspapers, magazines and the like are crave content for their media so they often will pay you for this content.  Or they will provide you with the expenses for your trip.

Airlines, car rental companies, countries, i.e., travel related industries, etc., will take advantage of this because they want a backlink from your website to their website.  If you are a marketing person you realize that backlinks don't have the pull they once had.  But these companies often have no clue.  And who are we to argue, no?​

What's The Catch?​

Essentially, you have to write about your experiences and take photos and/or videos.  That's about it.  Most of these companies are looking for travel related content and they don't want to pay full time staff because the work is frequent but not necessarily steady.​

You don't know how to write?  That's actually not too much of a problem.  These companies want stories in a very informal tone as that is how they want to present it to their readers.  Worse case, you can outsource the editing of it or have it ghost written.​  Besides, I have a solution lack of writing ability which I will share with you later.

Where Will They Send You?

Often you get to decide but that's not always the case.  It depends on who is paying and what specifically they are looking for.  Sometimes it's simply a matter of reaching out to a company and telling them that you are planning a trip to such and such country and ask if they need content written or a back link.

But remember, these companies want stories from all over the world including some exotic places.  There is a constant demand for these types of travel assets and nothing is indicating that this is going to stop anytime soon.​

What Are The Requirements?

The following is a list of what is needed from you in order to participate:

  • A Passport (Obvious!)
  • A website - can be free - more on this later
  • Travel related experience - this is not always a show stopper but it helps
  • A basic ability to write - usually in English but sometimes assignments can be in other languages.
  • A camera - most pictures are going to go on websites so it can even be the camera on your smart phone.  It's a good idea for this camera to be able to shoot video as well
  • A love for travel - you probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that 🙂
  • A people person - this isn't 100% necessary.  However, engaging stories are often as the result of interaction with others.  Also, you need to be personable to even land the gigs in the first place.

How To Become a Better Writer

These travel companies want compelling stories.  And believe it or not, they don't want professional writers because they want stories from average writers.  But you do need to learn how to write a compelling story.  I can give you access to training (totally free) that will give you a great foundation on how to write better.  This is not about be better at grammar or spelling, etc., although that stuff does help.  This training will help you with the content itself.  It will teach you how to engage your readers but probably even more important it will teach what not to do so that your website doesn't get penalized by the search engines. A low ranking website will be a lot less tolerated by the people that are paying you to travel.  It's important to keep that in mind.

You Will Need To Maintain a Website

You will need some webmaster abilities in order to make money with your traveling endeavors.  But there is training available for that as well.  You will learn how to create your website a way that is comliant with the search engines (​proper disclosures, etc.) and you will learn how to easily install enhancements to your website that will help you rank better - again this is something the people who are paying you are going to love.  They don't just want stories.  Often times, they want the back links.  And if these come from great ranking websites, you may be able to get better pay rates from them.

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There is a lot more information that you need to learn about.  By leaving us valid contact information using the form on the right, I will send you daily tips that you can start implementing on making cash from your travel excursions.

I will also send you links to where you can sign up (for free) to the training I discussed about how to be a better writer and on how to set up your website.​

Just leave me your name and valid email (it needs to be valid so I know where to send the report) in form on your right and I will get that information to you immediately.

Who knows? Maybe I'll see you on the other side of the world!​

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