How to Find Affiliate Products to Promote

How To Find Affiliate Products to Sell

One of the biggest complaints I see with affiliates is in finding products.  That is what this article is going to help you with.  I am going to show you how to find affiliate products to promote.

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This article will discuss the following:

  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • No Need For Inventory
  • Finding Products to Sell
  • Major Affiliate Vendors
  • Affiliate Marketing is Easy. But...
  • Free Training is Available (Limited Time Offer)
  • 2 Free Websites Available (Limited Time Offer)
  • Next Steps to You To Take...
  • Summary

Affiliate Marketing 101

If you have never come across affiliate marketing before or if you've given up on because of not being able to find products, here is a very brief refresher.  Major companies like Target, BestBuy, etc., participate in a program known as affiliate marketing.  Basically, they allow everyday people like us to sell their products on our websites or via email lists, etc.

You Don't Have to Buy Up Any Inventory

The great aspect of affiliate marketing is that you don't have to purchase any product in advance an then try to sell it. With the affiliate business model, you simply display a banner or include a link on your website and if your visitor clicks on that and purchases through your website, you earn a commission. The link is encoded with what is known as an affiliate code that identifies the sale came from your website.

Another great aspect is you don't have to worry about the ecommerce concepts like shopping carts, etc.  The vendor takes care of all of that for you.

Finding the Products

There are thousands of affiliate programs available so it is understandable why people get overwhelmed when developing their affiliate campaigns on their websites. If you come up with a plan on how to structure your website, you will find it much easier to find appropriate products to promote. This is the number one reason why affiliates are not successful. They try to promote every product they find.​

Some Major Players


There are major players in the field of affiliate vendors and one of the biggest is If you are able to get into the Amazon program (more about this later), you will have access to sell just about any product that Amazon sells. The commissions tend to be lower than many other affiliate program but it's easy to promote and that is what makes it so appealing. You simply find a product on Amazon's site that is related to the type of theme that encompasses your website and you turn it into an affiliate link. Then you put that into your webpages or blog posts and then drive traffic to it.​

Amazon has some restrictions, the largest being states that fall within affiliate Nexus laws. These states charge Amazon taxes for any affiliates that fall within those states. Amazon has decided not to deal with these states so if you fall within those, you will not be able to participate in Amazon's affiliate program. Amazon also has very strict terms of services so even if you do fall within a non Nexus state, you should review Amazon's terms very carefully. The last thing you want is to get banned from their affiliate program.​


WalMart is another vend​or that has an affiliate program. They tend to be much easier to get approved as an affiliate. You will need to access them through a company called LinkShare is a company that handles all of the back end processing for both the vendors and affiliates. Some companies choose to let another company handle this (for a fee of course) while other companies like Amazon, handle their own affiliate programs.

While WalMart may not have quite as many products to promote​ they still have a large amount.  Plus, there are many categories that could fit whatever your website theme is.

The Affiliate Marketing Concept is Very Easy

The concept of affiliate marketing really is quite easy to theory. However, what is not easy is some of the other dynamics like driving traffic to your website and making sure your website is set up properly. Here are some aspects of affiliate marketing that need to be handled:​

  • Proper Website Formation and Framework
  • Compliance with Search Engines and the Law
  • Content Generation Methods
  • Back End Processing such as Backups, Plugins, and Themes, etc.
  • Major Point - Driving Traffic To Your Website
  • Plus Much More...

As you can see while the concept of affiliate marketing is simple, the implementation requires knowing the right kinds of techniques. Many new affiliates wing it and just throw together a website with a bunch of banners.

This usually gets them banned from Google or worse, in trouble with the law. Don't make this same mistake. Learn the right way to implement techniques that can help you actually start making money.​

Free Training is Available

​This is going to change your life. I am going to give you access to free training that will help you properly implement all of the items above. When you do this, you will be way ahead of most newcomers that try to go it alone. This training will give you 2 free websites that you can work on and it will show you how to get WordPress installed within seconds.

Don't know what WordPress is? Don't worry. The training will describe that and why it's important.​

Next Steps...​

The next step is to secure your free websites. You need to move on this before someone else grabs the name from you.​

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When you learn about how to create websites that have a greater potential to earn money, you will also learn the dynamics of choosing affiliate programs. The fastest way is to pick a program like WalMart or Amazon. But there are certainly many others available. The link to the free websites above will not only give you access to the websites but will give you cutting edge training on how to properly set them up. The best part is, it's all free. So what have you got to lose?​


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