What’s Missing from Warrior Forums WSO’s?

Warrior Special Offers

Imagine finding information products that sell for $5, sometimes even less. The Warrior Forum (WF) (warriorforum.com) has a section on their website called the WSO which stands for Warrior Special Offers. This article will discuss what's missing from the Warrior Forum's WSO's.

What is a WSO?

WF set out to help its members obtain products (and services) provided by other forum members at very low prices. In fact, the offer must be exclusive to WF and the price must be lower than anywhere else that it has been before the WSO offer period. There is nothing to stop the product owner from offering it at any other price after the offer is closed.

​Is There Value in the Products Offered?

I think it really depends on who you talk to. Some people will swear by the products while others think that the quality of WSO products have deteriorated over the past couple of years.​

Personally, I have found value in some of the products but lately it does seem that many of the products are mostly rehashed reports. I have seen several of these and have asked for my money back when that occurs.​

What is Missing From the Warrior Forum WSO?​

I think the biggest problem that people have with the WSO's is the recommendations from other members. It seems to be a big network of marketers that will say great things about every product just so that the product owners will do the same for those recommends. The value of these recommendations have become useless.​

​What's missing are honest reviews from people that have actually purchased and implemented the techniques. What is the success with the product?​ In other words, did the person reviewing the product actually make money with it?

Review Copies

Another potential problem comes in terms of review copies. This is where the product owner will give away copies of the product in exchange for reviews. Due to the fact that the report was free, how biased is the review? Members of WF are either not aware or are unconcerned with the fact that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is cracking down on such practices. They are not illegal but disclosure that a free copy was given must be easily seen within the body of the review.​

What Else is Missing?

​I've already touched upon this but there seems to be a lacking of value being generated from the products sold on the Warrior Forum. I have to say that not all of the products offered of absent of value. However, I have seen plenty that just don't cut it. This makes it difficult to trust buying from this resource.​

Should You Steer Clear of WSO's?

That's a judgement call. But you really need to approach it with a critical eye. Sure, the prices of the products are usually extremely affordable. However, you get what you pay for. And the network of marketers scratching each others' backs, it makes it tough to know the good from the bad.

I Review Products That I Have Purchased

I am much more selective with products that I pick up and sometimes I will do it just for the purposes of reviewing the product. But I have never asked for a review copy. I do this because I want to present the review from an unbiased angle.

On occasion, when I find a product that is extremely good and offers value as well as good potential for doing what was proposed in the sales letter, I will offer you a link to buy the product from this website. This will usually mean that the product creator will pay me a commission if you decide to buy from my link. When that occurs, you can be sure that I will disclose that material relationship. It will be up to you to then determine if my review is biased based on that disclosure. My goal however, is to offer as unbiased a review as I can. That is the nature of my GetPaidBootCamp.com website.

I am Not Bashing the Warrior Forum

I want to make it perfectly clear that I don't have anything against the Warrior Forum in general. It is a decent place to find answers to questions, or find people who offer services that you can take advantage of or for you to offer up your own services. As with any service, there are going to be good aspects as well as bad. I simply believe that the WSO needs some improvements in the area of quality control.

But that could be used to your advantage as well. Suppose you offered up a great, high quality product. If you offer it up on the Warrior Forum WSO, people will notice the higher quality products and you can start earning a good reputation. Further, this is a great way to build an email list customers that would be glad to purchase from you again.​

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