Are Those One Time Offers Worth It?

If you have ever bought a digital or information product online, it's extremely likely you've been hit up for one time offers. These are upsells/downsells/sidesells that serve to increase the amount you spend. But are those one time offers worth it?

Before I answer that, let's first define what these extra sales are.




So, Are Those One Time Offers Worth It?

In most cases, they are not! I have found very little value in these extra purchases.

Sometimes, it can be videos of the main products, showing you step-by-step how to do the techniques from the main product.

It can be a software package that is supposed to make implementing the techniques from the main product easier (so they say). It can also be for a monthly membership that promises to give you advanced techniques.

And the list goes on...

Why You Should Wait Before Buying the Extra Products

When product creators include one time offers, they claim that you will only get to see the offer once, hence the name. However, most product creators will give you an opportunity to pick up those extra offers again and often at the price during the original offering.

"There usually isn't any rush to pick up one time offers."

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And here is a big question for you: what if you try the main product and it doesn't work for you? Buying those extras means you will have spent a whole bunch of money on a worthless solution.

Implement the techniques given in the main product and if they happen to work, then you can think about picking some of those extra products. And if you are making money from the main method, you can use some of what you make to fund those extra products.

What If They Are Truly One Time Offerings?

Hey, it's possible that my advice isn't correct for some products. My suggestion is to simply move on. The product or technique will be repeated by the product creator some time in the future. Trust me, if they have a product that sells well and makes them money, there will be a future offering for the product and the one time offers. I see it all the time.

Besides, more often than not, I have been disappointed with the upsells that I have purchased in the past. That's why I don't even bother with them anymore. They are a waste of money.

What Are Your Thoughts About Those One Time Offers?

Do you get frustrated by them or have you had good experiences with them? Let me know in the comments section below. I will answer anyone who gives a response (as long as it's not spam).

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