Friday Fives for 2021-02-26

Welcome to our third edition of Friday Fives. If you aren't familiar, this is part of a series where we profile five marketing-related businesses each week. This week, you can learn about:

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As is with all these weeks, we'll include both a blog post and a video. 

Here is a video shows a brief description of each of the resources:

To access this video on YouTube:


Make Money as an Artist

Trying to make money as an artist is a tall order, indeed. But it's not impossible. We scanned for a resource this week that can help artists make their journies a bit easier.

Millo Money Artist

Maybe not all the resources in this article will be useful, but it should serve as a good beginning for those who aren't trying anything. Or perhaps it will give you the push you need to charge up your career.


Revive Your Content Marketing

Are your frustrated by the constant-changing aspect of SEO? It is a common problem for business owners. When you have the right resources, though, you'll gain an edge over your competitors and your readers will have access to the most up-to-date information.

Backlinko SEO 2021

Learn about this topic from one of the most authoritative voices in the industry. It is a worthy read that could transform your online presence.


Does the Length of Content Matter?

We continue to hear how the length of your content will affect how search engines rank you. However, a recent article from Search Engine Journal suggests that the biggest search engine, Google, does not consider the length of content as a quality factor.

Google WordCount SEJ

The article has some nuances that you should take into considerations. But overall, don't worry so much about the length of content. Just write quality material.


Boost Sales with Coupons

Are you using coupons for your business? It may be time to consider this method of boosting sales. Some business owners simply don't know where to look. But that changes here with this resource.

Coupon Fit Small Business

Some people view coupon codes as a cheesy way to run a business. But if you saw in the video, the case of JC Penney proves that notion incorrect. We also found a good set of resources from Fit Small Business that you can use if you want to follow the path of using coupons for your business:


Ideal Length of Blog Posts

This resource is from our website and it coincides with resource #3. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but we had been concerned with the rather academic treatment of blog post length. The marketing experts all said that longer-form posts rank better.

Ideal Length of Blog Post

The takeaway is to not concentrate on writing long-form content for the sake of word count. Instead, focus on creating the best content you can. You can see what this is about when you read the article:


That wraps up yet another week of Friday Fives. We've been working on streamlining the process, so if you noticed this update is rather late (sorry!) we're setting the stage to reduce this from happening with future updates.

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