Friday Fives for 2021-03-05

Today, we welcome you to our fourth edition of Friday Fives. To help you find great resources to help your online business, we have started this series of posts. On Fridays of each week, we'll profile five authoritative resources. These can be blog posts, videos, PDFs, slideshows, Books and eBooks, plus others.

Before getting started, here are the past editions of the series:

Here is a summary of the five resources for this week:

Today's Topics for March 5 2021

As is with all these weeks, we'll include both a blog post and a video. 

Here is a video shows a brief description of each of the resources:

To access this video on YouTube:


Are Your Marketing Tactics Current?

Marketing changes quickly these days. If you aren't current with your tactics, you'll start using ones that are outdated. At best, they won't work. At worst, they'll get you in trouble or banned.

The following article from Ahrefs can help you keep current for 2021:

Ahref 16 Marketing Tactics

Some of the concepts may be familiar to you, but we can almost gaurantee that several methods are new. It's their business at Ahrefs to know how to rank as their tools rely on that knowledge.

The second item in the list stands out for us. We won't give it away here, though. We'll let your read about it and see for yourself!


Is Email Marketing Dead?

You may think that social media has killed email marketing. But that simply isn't true. If you read emails from companies, that should give you an indication that it's very much alive.

Email Marketing Balance SMB

Email marketing has a great ROI. However, this tempts too many blog owners to bombard their email lists with constant offers. A better approach is to build trust and rapport with the people on your list. Value first - followed by sales second.


Is Free Tax Help Available?

With the high cost of everything these days, it's difficult to imagine anything being free. Now that it is tax time, though, having resources available to help is quite welcome.

Free Tax Help

These resources probably won't help for businesses with complicated tax situations. It is usually worth the expense to have a qualified tax professional evaluate your situation. 

However, even the free resources can give you a great start.


Time for Some Market Research

Small business owners would rather watch paint dry then to sift through data and reports to learn insights about their business. But usually, this is due to not having the right resources.

Market Research Websites

This article from Alexa lists ten useful market research websites. Even if you aren't a data analyst, you'll still find many of these helpful to your business.


Repurposing Your Content

How many experts have told you that repurposing your old content is necessary? The number of experts stating this is growing. Is there something to this trend? 

Repurpose Article GPBC

While the experts may be right, they seldom offer any advice on how to do the repurposing. This makes bloggers think that it must be too tough to do. Why else wouldn't these experts offer tips that can get the job done?

Don't worry, though! When you click on the button below (blue), you will be taken to an article that gives you both the why of content repurposing and how. It's something you can use immediately, too.


That wraps up yet another week of Friday Fives. We've been working on streamlining the process, so if you noticed this update is rather late (sorry!) we're setting the stage to reduce this from happening with future updates.

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