This 1 Tip Will Get You Guaranteed Traffic

I found a method of getting traffic to my website. In case you are asking, this 1 tip will get your guaranteed traffic.

But, here's the rub. It won't work every time you use it. That seems like a cop out or it makes this post seem like one of those click baity titles. I assure you that is not the case. Read on!

What Is the Tip?

I am not going to beat around the bush and I'll get right to the tip. What you need to do is to set up an outreach program for your website. You are going to share other people's work. And, you'll give them full credit for that work.

How This Gets You Guaranteed Traffic

Traffic Guaranteed

If the outreach plan works, the blogger whose information you shared will share your post. This method is that simple but few people use it. Too many bloggers are hung up on the   "buy my stuff" or "sign up to my list". They don't stop to think about the collaborative framework that is the internet.

This gives you an advantage when you treat the web as a collaboration tool. This isn't just about sharing on social media, although that is part of it. The outreach is the central focus (more on this below).

Do You Know What HTML Means?

If you are unfamiliar with the acronym HTML, it stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It's the primary language of a web page. This post you are viewing right now, is mostly using HTML. 

You may argue that since this is a WordPress website, it is using a computer language called PHP. However, this computer language still must translate the final information into HTML. Otherwise, the browser will not know how to render it.

Why am I discussing all this techy stuff? Because that HTML is the foundation of the web and its purpose is to share or collaborate.

You see, the early days of the internet was called ARPANET. It was created by the United States government for secure military communications. The government then released a less secure (in government standards) version to universities. Students used a text-based browser called Lynx to share research with each other and professors.

Then, the 1990s came along and Netscape created the graphical browser. The rest is, as they say, history. 

The point is, the mechanism for sharing is still alive and well today. The spirit of that sharing is what is gonig to help drive this guaranteed traffic to your website.

What Do You Share?


You write a blog post on your website that profiles an influential blogger or his or her blog. The key is to find something that is wickedly useful that you can write about. You compliment the blogger and you write sincerely about why what you write about worked for you. Then, specify how it can work for your readers. Be generous with the praise.

Why This Works?

The main reason why this works is when influencers see that you are sharing quality information about their blog, they may share it with their followers. I have had several instances where I have gotten hundreds of hits to this website and my website. 

Why This Doesn't Work in Every Instance

The truth is not every influential blogger will take notice of your collaboration efforts. I can't tell you the exact reasons why. The high-end influencers likely get hit up with thousands of requests per day. They simply don't have the time to answer all these requests.

You want to target up-and-comers. These are bloggers who are gaining in the ranks and building a good following but aren't mega influencers. These bloggers won't have the followings that the mega influencers do. But, their followings will be respectible and will be the engine that gets you that guaranteed trafic.

Although this is guaranteed to work, there is no guarantee that the influencers will take notice. That is the caveat of this system. When it works it works quite well.

The Traffic That You Get Is Targeted

The great news is when this traffic hits, it will be geared to your niche. That means the people viewing your website wil be people interested in what you have to s ay. Contrast this to traffic that you pay for or find ineffective traffic exchanges. You can get a lot of traffic with these other sources. But, the traffic is usually low-quality or not tageted.

Target with Arrows in Bullseye

You could technically try to target an influencer outside of your niche. But, the chances would be low that he or she would respond to you. The exception would be if you have a valid reason to go outside your niche. Then, the influencer may pay attention. But, you have to be strategic about it.

Will the Traffic Fade?

Yep. Eventually, this traffic that influencer send to you will start to fade over time. However, I am stil receiving a few hits everyday from an outreach that I did several months ago. The key is to be consistent so that you get a steady stream of this targeted traffic and the search engines will start to notice lower bounce rates. It's natural for that to happen when people in your niche come to your website.

Make Sure Your Content Quality Is Pristine

If you think you're going to use this tactic to blast this guaranteed traffic with sales pitches, the only thing guaranteed to happen is the influencers will peg you as a spammer. When you have influencers on your side, they can be great allies. But, if you annoy them, be prepared for a wrath of bad reviews. You'll get banished before you even get off the ground.

High Quality Content Rocks

You need to have seriously outstanding content. Good is not good enough. Make it better and then make it best. Do what other bloggers are not doing. Stand out from the crowd. Don't copy what other bloggers are doing, but use what they do to collaborate. Think of this as value-adding their information. 

There is aleady way too much information on the web. People are finding it more challenging to find what they are looking for. When you come in with great content that is comprised of collaboration, you are doing all the dirty work for them. You are finding what they cannot find and giving them the insight they've been looking for.

How Will Influencers Take Notice

The truth is your content wont get seen by too many in the early stages of your website. What you should be doing is building following on several social media platforms. Then, when you publish your outreach, you share it to your social media followers. If your blog is new and you don't have too many social media followers, reach out to the influencers by email. Let them know that you wrote about them. Do this after you have published your post. 

Set of Eyes

Make Sure Your Outreach is Positive

This should go without say but if you peg influencers with negative comments, expect them to take a hardline defensive stance against you. They have the upperhand here, too. Their followers love them and one bad review for your website will put you into a virtual abyss. Make sure your outreach is genuine, sincere, and overly positive towards the influencer. It's all about helping others. If an influencer helped you with a good tip or two, that's what you write about in your outreach. Then, 

An Example

Back in December 2018, I was writing about a website that helps people learning data science by providing puzzles for members to solve. These puzzles are in the form of contests that people can win. The website offers instruction in data science to help members learn how to solve the problems. All of this is free of charge to the data science community. The website is

I wrote the article, and then share it on Facebook. I tagged Kaggle in the description. The owner of Kaggle recognized the shout out and shared it on his platforms. The traffic I received from this within moments was incredible. 

Don't Fear the Kaggle

As I mentioned above, I still get traffic on a daily basis for that same post. The number of hits has reduced to one or two per day. But, I have done nothing else to promote the post. I am witing this in the middle of April.

Continue with the Strategy

I have had a few other posts that got traffic using the same technique. The posts I shared did not have the same magnitude as Kaggle but they still delivered a respectible number of visitors.

This works, but it won't work for every blog. It is dependent on the bloggers' willingness to share. But, when it works, you'll receive targeted traffic that can notch up your rankings by a couple of points. The key is to continue with the strategy.

What if you coupled the above strategy with creating a income-generating website? You'd have a one-two punch of traffic viewing your pages and earning you money. This is one of the most effective strategies on the web that is not a fad. This will work one year from now, five years from now, and even 20 years from now! 

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